Siegfried Rosheuvel- Tragedy Of Golda Rosheuvel Father

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Siegfried Rosheuvel- Tragedy Of Golda Rosheuvel Father

Siegfried Rosheuvel is the late father of Guyanese-British actress Golda Rosheuvel

He was married to his late wife, Judith Evan. They shared two children, a son and a daughter. 

Siegfried worked in a musical group. He was a Guyanese citizen by his nationality. 

Siegfried Rosheuvel's wife and their daughter.
Siegfried Rosheuvel's wife and their daughter. Source: Instagram

About Siegfried's Daughter Golda

Golda is a professional actress and singer. She is well known for her role as Queen Charlotte in the Netflix series Bridgerton. 

She was born to her late mother and father in Guyana but moved to Britain when she was five.  

Her parents raised her with her younger brother. 

Family of Siegfried Rosheuvel.
Family of Siegfried Rosheuvel. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Golda 

Golda is lesbian by her sexuality. She has a partner named Shireen Mula, a professional playwright. 

Golda met Shireen through a mutual friend while attending a party. 

On 1st August 2020, Golda posted a picture with her partner wishing 7th anniversary. 

Golda often talked about her partner Shireen's support in her acting career.

Age And Net Worth 

His daughter, Golda, is 53 years old.

Children of Siegfried Rosheuvel.
Children of Siegfried Rosheuvel. Source: Instagram

Siegfried's Love Life Wasn't Easy

Siegfried and his late wife, Judith Even, were married for a long time, and they got separated after Siegfried's death. 

He met Judith in Barbados while singing in the choir. They sang together, and Judith always stood up beside him. 

Judith fell in love with Siegfried's voice, and she even told her daughter that Siegfried's voice was one of the most beautiful voices she ever heard in her life. 

They slowly fell in love, and their love life wasn't easy. Judith was British, and Siegfried was Guyanese

They were interracial couples which made their life full of complications then. However, they managed to be together and faced every problem.

Golda's Series Comes Out At The Perfect Time

In the talk show with Naomi, Golda talked about her series Bridgerton and shared that it came out at the perfect time as it came out during the pandemic. 

She and her team started filming Bridgerton in 2019, ending in February 2020, just before the pandemic and lockdown happened. 

That series has a lot of involvement with black and brown people, which she feels is inspiring and exciting. 

Because of the pandemic, everyone got stuck in their house, so she thinks the show came out at the perfect time. 

She feels that Bridgerton can help people get lost in their fantasy land, full of historical fiction and romance.

Golda Wanted To Be An Athlete

Golda is known for her acting and singing. She came from a musical family background as her dad and mom sang in the choir, and her brother has a great musical talent. 

Because of that, music talent runs in her blood. However, people might not be aware of Golda's actual passion.

Growing up, acting and singing wasn't what she wanted to do. Golda was active in sports and wanted to be an athlete. 

She was good at the long jump, relay, hockey, and tennis. She even trained herself for the Olympics.

She was in her early teens and even broke many records during school. 

She was in Harlow athletic club preparing herself to be an athlete, but things didn't go as she wanted. 

Golda suffered an ankle injury which made her say goodbye to her athletic career.

Golda Got Emotional

Golda's appearance as Queen Charlotte in Bridgerton is admirable. 

The whole series star has excellent hair and costume in the show. In addition, Golda herself has a great hair moment from the first. 

She opened up that her hairdresser approached and talked about showing her natural hair. 

The hairdresser talked about embracing her hair with a wig made of dreadlocks, fully textured, and had plaits and braids.

It was her first encounter when the hairdresser talked about showing off the hair that most black women have. 

That was a beautiful and emotional moment for her because she felt seen not only as an actress but also as a biracial woman. 

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