Who Is Silvia Fortini? Wife Of Roberto Mancini

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Who Is Silvia Fortini? Wife Of Roberto Mancini

Silvia Fortini is the wife of Roberto Mancini. Roberto is an Italian Football manager and also a football player

He is the head coach of Italy's National team currently. Silvia was born in Italy and grew up in Rome. She is a lawyer by profession.

Silvia And Roberto Mancini's Relationship

The duo met because of their work. Roberto was searching for an assistant lawyer, and that’s when he contacted Silvia’s firm. 

After that, they started dating. They dated for two years and got married in 2018

They seem to have a beautiful life, like a happy couple. 

The couple has no children together, but Silvia has three stepchildren from Roberto's ex-wife. 

Roberto was married before Silvia. His  ex-wife is Federica Morelli

Their first child was born in 199,0, and their second son was born in 199. After that, their youngest girl was born in 1997

Their names are Andrea, Filippo, and Camilla Mancini. Eventually, their marriage didn’t end well,l and they separated. 

Silvia and Roberto have been seen together in many places enjoying their free time. 

They often go on vacations to different countries. Silvia was there when Roberto tested positive for COVID and helped him to recover.  

She is very supportive of her husband in whatever he does. 

Silvia Fortini with her husband, Roberto Mancini.
Silvia Fortini with her husband, Roberto Mancini. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net worth

Silvia was born in 1978 in Rome, Italy. She is 45 years old as of 2023.

As a lawyer, her net worth is more than $1 million. And her husband Roberto's net worth is about $45 million. 

As a football coach, Roberto earns pretty much good, and the couple lives a lavish lifestyle.

Roberto Controversies During His Time In Man City 

Roberto was rumored to be doing Man City wrong. Roberto denied all the rumors. 

He was accused of salary irregularities during his time as Manchester City manager

He said he doesn't want to be contacted by the Premier League as part of their investigation. He was said to have earned £1.45  million in his salary. 

And also he was said to have £1.75m as a consultant for a team controlled by Abu Dhabi owner Sheikh Mansour

He was asked whether the Premier League had contacted him for their investigation. He said he hasn't been approached or called by anyone. 

He said he doesn’t think anyone will contact him because he has paid all of his taxes,s and it is all above board,d and no one will be in touch with him.

When asked about prospect trouble,e he answered he doesn't work for the police, police to be honest.  

And it is always the fans of football which caused problems during the Champions League

He thinks there won’t be any issues during the league if people behave correctly. 

And they don’t have to worry about what happens and always stay alert. At last, football is a fun game and should be a celebration. 

Silvia's Stepchildren

She has three stepchildren. Camilla Mancini is the firstborn of the family. She was born in 1987

And her second stepson was born on October 13 i,n 1990. His name is Filippo Mancini

And last born son Andrea Mancini was born on August 30,n 1992. Like their father, Roberto's sons are also Football enthusiasts. 

Both sons had been part of Manchester City’s youngster’s set-up and had performed at Inter Competition. 

Silvia has a good relationship with her stepchildren. And they often get together as a family.

Silvia is a very professional woman. Silvia and Roberto have no plans on having children right now because they want to focus on their professional lives. 

Silvia Fortini's husband, Roberto Mancini, and her stepson.
Silvia Fortini's husband, Roberto Mancini, and her stepson. Source: Instagram

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