Who Is Silvija Lihtar? Stunning Wife Of Marcelo Brozovic

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Who Is Silvija Lihtar? Stunning Wife Of Marcelo Brozovic

Silvija Lihtar is the stunning wife of Croatian footballer Marcelo Brozovic who currently plays as a defensive midfielder for Inter Milan and the national team of Croatia.

They got married back in 2016. A year after their marriage, they welcomed their first child as a daughter. 

They are now proud parents to their two kids, Aurora Brozovic and Rafael Brozovic

She is active on Instagram and posts lovely pictures of her family.

Silvija Lihtar with her children.
Silvija Lihtar with her children. Source: Instagram

How Did She Meet Marcelo?

Silvija met Marcelo in his hometown of Velika Gorica. She has been with her since 2012. At that time, Marcelo was playing for a local team in Croatia. 

Silvija was attracted to him as he was intelligent and good-looking. 

When Marcelo signed a deal with Inter Milan in 2015, he had to move to Italy. She stuck by his side and decided to proceed with him to Italy. 

Silvija made Italy their second home. 

Marcelo has expressed that it meant the world to him that she agreed to come with him and said that she was a very supportive partner right from the beginning. 

Silvija Lihtar with her husband, Marcelo Brozovic.
Silvija Lihtar with her husband, Marcelo Brozovic. Source: Instagram


Silvija is 28 years old. She celebrates her birthday in February.

Net Worth

Her husband Marcelo's net worth is estimated to be $23 million

His weekly salary is calculated as $130,000

Family of Silvija Lihtar.
Family of Silvija Lihtar. Source: Instagram

Marcelo's Parents Are very supportive 

Marcelo's father, Ivan Brozovic, was a football lover, and he made sure that his children also had an interest in sports, especially football. 

So Marcelo also developed a love for football when he was a kid. His father used to support him during his training. 

During his early life, Marcelo's father was his football coach. His father wanted his son to be a professional footballer, and his dream has come true. 

Marcelo's mother, Sanja Brozovic, also supported her son throughout. 

She used to assist her husband when Marcelo played during his boyhood days. She was and is still his biggest cheerleader. 

Marcelo is so close to his parents and holds them tight in his every achievement. 

Liverpool Was Looking To Sign Marcelo

During the summer transfer in 2020, there was news that Liverpool was eyeing Inter Milan midfielder, Marcelo. 

Liverpool was looking for a midfielder to strengthen their team as their midfielder Adam Lallana was leaving that summer. Georgina Wijnaldum was yet to sign a contract with the club. 

Before the pandemic, Marcelo played a key role in Inter's season. 

There was a rumor going around that Liverpool was interested in signing him. But it turned out to be just a rumor. 

Marcelo Has Amazing Tattoos

Marcelo is a tattoo lover. He has got tattoos all over his body. He had over 20 tattoos, and every tattoo holds a special meaning. 

He has an emoji winking on the outer side of his left hand. He got that tattoo to celebrate his goal. 

The tattoo is popularly known as Epic Bronzo. He has a bomb symbol on his neck, which resembles an old-school cartoon. 

His tattoos are unique and odd. He loves body art. He had got praying hands tattoos, four aces of cards, a star, and many more inked in his arms. 

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