Simone Ashley Diet And Workout Routine In 2 Minutes Read

by Pragya Fri Jul 08 2022 Updated On Thu Jul 14 2022
Simone Ashley Diet And Workout Routine In 2 Minutes Read

Simone Ashley is a stunning actress. She is well known for her role portrayal in Bidgerton and Sex Education.

She is a fun-loving person with lots of great hobbies and loves keeping herself in shape.

Her favorite hobbies include physical activities that help her keep physically fit.

Doesn't Follow Any Diet Plan 

Ashley is one of the actresses with a fit body, and her way of managing her body is completely different than others. 

She doesn't do any intense workouts, and she has no diet plans too. Ashley loves eating anything. 

She loves being outdoors, so she eats whatever she likes. 

She eats vegetables and fruits and also likes eating junk foods too.

Balanced Diet 

She only pays attention to a balanced diet, and she balances it quite well. 

She doesn't restrict herself from eating anything. In her social media, she post pictures of different food like pizza, ice cream which she enjoys eating.

Ashley posing with ice cream
Ashley posing with ice cream Source: Instagram

Big Fan of Hikes And Swimming

Ashley is very active when it comes to keeping herself physically fit. 

She loves hikes and often goes hiking on her vacation days. 

She enjoys spending time with nature and exploring new things. Besides hiking, she also enjoys swimming a lot. 

She tries to keep herself more connected with nature to be stress-free. 

Hiking and swimming are great exercises that can be included in a workout routine. 

She also loves riding horses, and these things are the hobbies of actress Ashley.

Simone Ashley in her stunning pose
Simone Ashley in her stunning pose Source: Instagram

Tea For Fitness 

Simone is a big-time 'Chai' lover. In one of her Instagram posts, she posted a video of her drinking a glass of green tea. 

As she is of Indian descent, she said tea is her all-time favorite drink. 

She is okay if it's normal tea or her personalized green tea. 

It was thick green-colored tea, and she was drinking it, and her reaction seemed like she loved it. 

As green vegetables are a great infusion of nutrition, her green tea seems like it was made with different vegetables. 

Kickboxing For Exercise 

Ashley is very fit and looks at her body and toned muscles. She doesn't compromise with her exercise. 

In one of the interviews, she opened up that she loves kickboxing.

She is training herself, and the effects of kickboxing can be seen in her muscle definition. 

Kickboxing is a great exercise for muscle toning and stamina. 

Resting As Part Of Fitness 

Ashley has a great acting career, and with her increasing popularity, she has a busy schedule. 

Unlike other actors, she doesn't make herself work continuously for hours. 

She knows what her body needs and prefers giving rest to her body. 

Resting is also an important key to being fit and healthy. 

She knows how to balance her body with nutrition and activities and give it time for resting so that her body doesn't feel exhausted. 

While resting, she enjoys reading books, watching series and doing what she loves.

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