Who Is Sladjana Vlahovic? Mother Of Dusan Vlahovic

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Sladjana Vlahovic is the mother of Serbian professional footballer Dusan Vlahovic. 

Her son Dusan is known for being a player for Serie A club Juventus and Serbia's national team.  

She is married to her husband, Milos Vlahovic. She had three children, two sons including Dusan, and a daughter Andjela Vlahovic with her husband, but unfortunately, her older son died in the war.  

She is a Serbian citizen. 

Sladjana Vlahovic's son Dusan Vlahovic.
Sladjana Vlahovic's son Dusan Vlahovic. Source: Instagram

Who is Sladjana's Son Dusan Dating Now?

Dusan is currently dating Carolina Stramare, who was the 2019 Miss Italy

The couple has kept their relationship very low-key. 

Dusan Vlahovic's girlfriend Carolina Stramare.
Dusan Vlahovic's girlfriend Carolina Stramare. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Sladjana's age and net worth are unknown, but her son Dusan, who is currently 22 years old, has a net worth of $21 Million.

Police Had To Get Involved For Dusan

Dusan left his previous club Fiorentinato to join their biggest rival, Juventus, in 2022.

As a player, it was apparent to grab the better opportunity, and Dusan did the same thing by joining Juventus FC

But the Fiorentina fans seemed upset about it. Some fans hung banners outside the stadium that clearly threatened the striker. 

They called him a traitor and gave him death threats. So the police officers over there started to investigate the case.

They were constantly on petrol outside the Dusan’s home. Police were helping him as much as possible to make the striker feel safe in the town.

Dusan Cheated With The Club

Dusan’s latest transfer to Juventus was a great shock to the world. 

His previous club Fiorentina was talking to many clubs in England for his transfer and getting into the correct terms. 

But Dusan was saying no to every offer he was brought up with. It was surprising for the club as he was rejecting every offer. 

Later, surprisingly, he signed a contract with the Juventus club. The president of Fiorentina revealed that Dusan and his agents were liars, and they used the club to gain extra money. 

He revealed that Dusan’s agent waited until the last moment of the transfer to get 10 percent of the transfer money to his account. 

After the contract with Fiorentina was over, his agent could easily move Dusan in less money for the club. So the president called them cheaters.

Dusan Scored In His Debut But Was Unhappy

Dusan played in the Champions League with Juventus for the first time in the match against Villarreal

In the first match, he was under pressure to play well. But his performance was more than good as he scored the only goal for Juventus in just a minute of the starting period. 

It really gave confidence to the team throughout the match. Still, the team didn’t win the match as Villarreal tied the match, scoring themselves a goal too. 

Although Dusan had a great start and debut match in the Champions League, he was still unhappy with the overall game. 

He wanted his team to win, but it didn’t. However, he was optimistic about providing the team with wins in coming matches.

Dusan’s Celebration Was For Criticizers

Dusan scored his first goal for Juventus FC in his debut match in just 32 seconds. 

He was pleased to provide the club with what he had promised. So on celebrating the goals, he showed some don’t speak kind gestures. 

The interviewer asked him if it was for the critics to shut them down. Dusan then revealed that he doesn’t read newspapers or any news, so he doesn’t care much about criticisms. 

He believes in improving every day to increase his worth with each game. And about that celebration, he said it was for a family member and was not dedicated to anyone else.

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