Who Is Sloane Howard? Mother Of The Kid Laroi

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Who Is Sloane Howard? Mother Of The Kid Laroi

Sloane Howard is a talented former manager who has managed a great singer Scott Cain.

She is also a music executive of Aboriginals and a record label founder. Besides that, she is a celebrity mother. 

Her son is Charlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard, recognized mainly by the name The Kid Laroi.

He is an Australian rapper, singer, and also songwriter.

Sloane Howard with her son, The Kid Laroi.
Sloane Howard with her son, The Kid Laroi. Source: Pinterest

Love life

Sloane fell in love with her husband, Nick Howard, many years ago. 

Nick is a music producer and song engineer who has worked with different stars in Australia. 

The couple dated for a few years and were in a healthy relationship. After a period of time, they decided to get married. 

After marriage, the couple was blessed with a baby boy in 2003. The couple named their kid Charlton

After Charlton's birth, the couple was together for some years, but after four years of his birth, they separated. 

That was when Sloane and her kid had to face a lot. 

It was said that Sloane even used to sell drugs to get by their difficult situation. 

After three years of her divorce, when her son was seven years old, they moved to the rural town of Broken Hill in New South Wales. 

They were living with Sloane's brother and grandparents at that time. Sloane was having a very struggle in life.

Sloane Howard with her ex-husband, Nick Howard.
Sloane Howard with her ex-husband, Nick Howard. Source: Pinterest

Does Laroi Have A Girlfriend?

Laroi is a teenage singer who has to succeed to gain an immense amount of love and support from his fans worldwide. 

But the social media star Katarina Deme is the successful girl in winning Lario's heart. Her real name is Katarina Demetriades.

Katarina has many videos on YouTube, which have made her famous, and her social media account, like Instagram and TikTok, have a great fan following.

These love birds met in Los angles and, shortly after that, started dating each other in 2020.

Laroi with his girlfriend Katarina Deme.
Laroi with his girlfriend Katarina Deme. Source: Pinterest


The age of Sloane is unknown, but her son Charlton is 18 years old. He was born on the 17th of August, 2003

His zodiac sign is Leo.

Net Worth

Sloane's son Laroi has a net worth of 4 million dollars. He is one of the sensations in today's music industry. 

According to a source, he earns $40,000 in months. His annual earnings are around $400,000. 

He earns this from his different music projects and also from youtube.

Laroi's Love For Fashion

This 18-year-old guy loves fashion. Fashion is a big part of Laroi's life. 

He says he enjoys fashion and loves trying different fashions. 

His weakness is Comme Des Garcons, Celine, and Louis Vuitton. 

He loves wearing jumpers and not any normal jumpers but knitted ones.

He has a great fanbase worldwide for his look in knitted fashion. 

The look adds sweetness to his charming appearance that has won over admirers.

Justin Messaged Laroi When He Was In The Shower

In a fun interview show with Haley Bieber, 'who's in my bathroom' when Laroi and Haley were having fun eating and chit-chatting on exciting topics. 

When both of them started talking about Justin Bieber, Haley asked how both of them became friends. 

That's when Laroi shared that Justin had messaged him on Instagram and said he'd got the cause, and Laroi replied by thanking him and revealing that he is one of the Justin fans.

And after some time, Justin again texted Laroi, saying he may have a song for them. 

Laroi shared that he was taking a shower when he just messaged him and thought if like to call or not because if he would call, Laroi had to pick up the phone in the middle of taking a shower. 

Justin sent him the song, which is how the song unstable happened.

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