Who Is Smaranda Ciceu? Wife Of Gabriel Luna

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Who Is Smaranda Ciceu? Wife Of Gabriel Luna

Smaranda Ciceu is the wife of American actor and producer Gabriel Luna. Smaranda herself is an actress and producer professionally. 

She is well known for her appearance as Marina in the T.V. series Patti and Marina. She was born in Bucharest, Romania

She is an American - Romanian citizen by her nationality. 

Smaranda Ciceu with her father and brother.
Smaranda Ciceu with her father and brother. Source: Instagram

About Her Husband, Gabriel 

Gabriel is an actor and producer popularly known for his role play in the superhero series Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as Robbie Reyes

Besides that, he has worked in many movies and series. He was born in 1982 to his parents, Gabriel Lopez Luna and Deborah Ann

Smaranda Ciceu and Gabriel Luna.
Smaranda Ciceu and Gabriel Luna. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Gabriel 

Gabriel is married to his wife, Smaranda Luna. They have been married to each other since 2011

They have been together for more than a decade now and are incredibly supportive and caring of each other. 

Gabriel and Smaranda are open about their relationship and keep traveling and enjoying their moment. 

They share pictures of them on their social media. 

Smaranda Ciceu with her husband, Gabriel Luna.
Smaranda Ciceu with her husband, Gabriel Luna. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Her husband, Gabriel, is 40 years old.  He has a net worth of $5 Million. 

Was Gabriel Good Being Naked?

Gabriel played in Terminator: Dark Fate, along with some excellent costars like Mackenzie

Both of them gave an interview to a podcast where they were asked about their scene. 

The first scene in the movie shows Gabriel and Mackenzie arriving in the world naked. 

The interviewer wanted to know if they were given anybody's suits while performing naked scenes, but the actors cleared out that they were not provided with anybody's suits.

Gabriel shared his experience of that shoot and said that it was the first day of the shoot when he had to perform that scene, but he didn’t feel any awkwardness. 

It was his job, and when the camera started rolling, he was not concerned about him being naked in front of him. 

Every one present during the shoot was professional and was doing their job, so Gabriel also did what his work was to do.

Gabriel Is A Big Fan Of His Costar

Gabriel's character played Tommy in the series Last of Us.

Along with him, many other actors have shown their appearance, and one of Gabriel’s favorite actors, Jeffrey, is also there.

Gabriel opened up that he has been a big fan of Jeffrey and admires Jeffrey's support. 

They have been connected through Instagram and Twitter. 

Although they are role-playing in the same series, they haven’t got to meet each other in person because of their shifting schedules, but Jeffry did leave him a message. 

Wiggling Toe To Not Blink

Gabriel's role played in the Terminator movie, and his performance was outstanding. 

He and his whole Terminator cast was giving an interview on Lilly Singh’s talk show where Lilly talked about the part where Gabriel didn’t blink his eyes, which shocked her. 

Gabriel was firing the gun, and even then, he kept his eyes open, so she wanted to know how he managed to do it. 

Gabriel shared that he was entirely focused, and besides focusing, he wiggled his toe whenever he had to stare without blinking. 

He learned that trick from actress Gabourey Sidibe with whom he had worked in the movie Gravy

In that movie, Gabourey had to act dead, and she lay there dead; just staring at it amazed Gabriel, so he asked her how she managed to not blink her eyes for so long. 

That’s when Gabourey shared her toe trick and the same trick Gabriel used in his movie. 

He just wiggled his toe and kept focusing on it, which prevented him from blinking.

Gabriel Remembered Haunted House                                                            

Gabriel has recently in the role played Tommy in the Last of Us series. 

He talked about his experience working on that series and shared how the scene in that series reminded him of a haunted house. 

In that series, he had a scene in an escape room nightmare factory, and he suddenly remembered of childhood days. 

He was Austin, and a Nightmare Factory was also haunted. 

So he was 12 years old, and one night he, his little brother, and his girlfriend had to pass through that house, and they all were terrified.

Everyone was dragging Gabriel, so he was taking small steps, and suddenly he couldn’t find his little brother, which scared him.

The same scary feeling was felt by Gabriel when he was shooting in Last of Us.

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