Sondra Blake- Tragedy Of Robert Blake Ex-Wife

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Sondra Blake- Tragedy Of Robert Blake Ex-Wife

Sondra Blake is the ex-wife of the late American actor Robert Blake. She is an actress known for her appearance in Broadcast. 

She was born in the year 1936 in Los Angeles. She has her birthday on August 17. She is an American citizen. 

Sondra Blake with her ex-husband, Robert Blake.
Sondra Blake with her ex-husband, Robert Blake. Source: Listal

Marriage And Children

Sondra was previously married to her former husband, Robert Blake. They met each other for the first back in the 1950s backstage at the play. 

They tied the knot back in 1961, and after three years of marriage, they welcomed their first child Noah Blake

They also shared a daughter named Delinah Blake. Sondra was married to her former husband for over two decades, and they divorced. 

After her divorce, it's unknown if she ever got into another relationship or not. 

Sondra Blake's ex-husband and their two children.
Sondra Blake's ex-husband and their two children. Source: Pinterest

Did Sondra’s Former Husband Remarry? 

After Sondra got divorced from her ex-husband Robert, he got married twice. 

His second marriage was with Bonny Lee Bakley. They married in 2000, and his wife was killed a year later. They shared a daughter named Rose Lenore Sophia Blake. 

He then married Pamela Hudak in 2017, which lasted only a year. 

Robert died on March 9, 2023, because of heart disease. He was 89 years old. 

Sondra Blake's ex-husband, Robert Blake.
Sondra Blake's ex-husband, Robert Blake. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth 

Sondra is 86 years old. She has a net worth of $1 Million

Sondra Was Kept At Gunpoint

Sondra married Robert for over two decades but eventually separated for various reasons. 

Many sources reported that Sondra was the victim of domestic violence. 

It appeared that Robert put a gun toward Sondra's mouth and threatened to kill her.  

But Sondra came out to the media and expressed that she has never said anything about her personal or domestic life on any media platforms. 

She didn't refuse or accept that she was part of domestic violence or that her ex-husband Robert pointed a gun at her.

But she didn't accuse her ex-husband in front of the media.

Robert Had A Bad Childhood

Robert was born to be a star as he started his childhood as a part of show business with his parents and siblings, singing and dancing in various places and events. 

Hence, he had a scene of entertainment with him from the beginning. 

Also, he worked as a movie extra for many periods in his childhood. Later, he persuaded acting as his career. 

But his childhood was not as easy as it sounds. From his home to his school, he always had a hard time. 

He had an alcoholic father who used to beat him all the time. Not just that, but his parents used to harass him. 

He said that he was left to eat the food from the floor and was locked up in a closet for hours and hours. 

He was even bullied in school, and all the disturbances in his life made him a rage nature child that got him expelled from school as well.

Robert's Daughter Talked About Them

Robert had a daughter with his ex-wife Bonnie Lee named Rose. But Rose never really got to meet her mother as she died when Rose was just one

It came out that Robert was accused of killing Bonnie, and for that, he was even sent to jail for a year long. 

But eventually, he got out, proving not guilty. It was found that someone had made this all up about him. 

Still, he was a responsible and respectful father. He knew the media would destroy Rose's life too, so he let her go away from him and the media. 

Rose revealed that she had many positive memories with her father. Rose also said she and her father were getting along again after so many years. 

She said that she was not ready yet to talk about the incident with her mother and didn't even have any childhood memories with her mother. 

Death Didn’t Scare Robert

The late actor Robert died because of heart disease at the age of 89

Back in 2020, when the Covid pandemic started, he was spotted on the street, so one of the interviewers asked if he was not scared of Covid and death. 

Robert replied that he was not scared of the deadly virus or death. 

He revealed that he had faced death many times as he had cancer, so death never scared him. 

He said that many other things in life are much bigger and more frightening than death, and that’s what he and people should be scared of. 

He was 86 years old then, so the virus didn’t scare him as he thought he would die when the time came.

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