Sonnet Noel Whitaker- Tragedy Of Forest Whitaker

by Mela Sun Dec 10 2023 Updated On Sat Jan 13 2024
Sonnet Noel Whitaker- Tragedy Of Forest Whitaker

Sonnet Noel Whitaker is the daughter of Forest Whitaker, who is an American actor and film producer. Sonnet's mother was Keisha Nash

Sonnet Noel Whitaker and her father, Forest Whitaker.
Sonnet Noel Whitaker and her father, Forest Whitaker. Source: Pinterest

Death Of Her Beloved Mom

Forest Whitaker's ex-wife Keisha Nash has passed away at the age of 51. Keisha was an actress

They were married from 1996 to 2018

The news was shared by their daughter, True Whitaker, on Instagram, but the cause of death has not been provided. 

Forest and Keisha met in 1994 during the filming of Blown Away

They got engaged in 1995 and were married in 1996. They have two kids named True and Sonnet Noel

The couple divorced in 2018 after 22 years of marriage, citing irreconcilable differences. 

Keisha was also known for creating the luxury cosmetic line Kissable Couture

Keisha’s passing is a loss, and condolences go out to her family and loved ones during this difficult time. 

Sonnet Noel Whitaker and her parents.
Sonnet Noel Whitaker and her parents. Source: Pinterest


Sonnet was born on October 3, 1996. She is 27 years old as of 2023

Net Worth

As an American actor, Sonnet Noel's father, Forest's net worth is about $25 million.

Forest Wants Everyone To Work Together For A Better World

Forest is known for his work in movies, working with the United Nationsworse, and speaking to spokesleaders at the UN

He asked them to ensure that the goals for sustainable development, which aim to end poverty, fight inequality, and address climate change by 2030, benefit everyone. 

Forest works with the United Nations to help make peace and unite people. 

He wants everyone, not just leaders, to play a part in reaching important goals. 

He thinks regular people like you and me should feel like they can make a positive impact. 

His big goals are to make sure no one goes hungry, everyone has a chance to learn, and women and everyone else have equal rights. 

He believes that if everyone works together, we can improve the world by eliminating hunger, poverty, and unfair treatment.

Forest thinks it is essential for leaders from different countries to join forces and work with people worldwide. 

He has been helping and encouraging young people, especially in Uganda, South Sudan, Mexico, and the United States, to feel more confident and capable of making positive changes. 

He wants leaders and regular people to make the world better and fairer.    

Forest Talks About Acting, Family, And Making A Difference In Simple Terms

Forest talked about his role in the TV show Godfather of Harlem, where he plays Bumpy Johnson and explores themes of justice, civil rights, and women’s empowerment. 

He shared insights into his acting approach, discussing the emotional impact of specific roles and the challenges of balancing work and family life as a father of four.

Forest discussed his children’s careers and values; winning awards is not his main focus. 

He supports more films addressing mental health and human conditions. 

The beauty of the film lies in people overcoming challenges and being themselves. 

He touches on the song written specifically for the movie, highlighting its uniqueness. 

Forest values consider personal values when accepting a role. 

The discussion also includes Chadwick Boseman’s transition from music to acting and his role in Jingle Jangle

They discuss Chadwick’s part in  Black Panther and the possibility of rising from the dead. 

Forest also discusses his family history and his thoughts on movie reboots. 

He also gives his opinion on his philanthropic work and encourages people to get involved. husband 

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