Who Is Sonya Jackman? Sister Of Hugh Jackman

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Sonya Jackman is the elder sister of actor and singer Hugh Jackman. She was born in 1961 in England

Her parents were Grace McNeil and Christopher John Jackman. She has four siblings. 

Parents of Sonya Jackman.
Parents of Sonya Jackman. Source: Pinterest

Hugh Split From His Wife After 27 Years

Hugh was married to Deborra-Lee, who is also an actor. They met each other back in 1995 and got married in 1996

They have two kids, Oscar and Ava. After being married for almost three decades, the two have decided to part ways. 

They are ending their marriage on mutual understanding. 

They released a joint statement saying that family will always come first for them, and they will start a new chapter in their life with love, kindness, and gratitude. 

Hugh Jackman with his wife, Deborra-Lee.
Hugh Jackman with his wife, Deborra-Lee. Source: Instagram


Her brother Hugh is 54 years old

Net Worth

Her brother Hugh's net worth is estimated to be $100 million.

Sonya Jackman's two siblings.
Sonya Jackman's two siblings.  Source: Instagram

Hugh Is Not Good At Keeping Secret

Hugh admitted that he is the worst when keeping secrets or telling lies. 

He said as an actor, he is good at telling lies on camera, but in person, he is really bad at it. 

He shared an incident when he used his Wolverine casting to avoid getting deported from the airport to the border police. 

He said he went to Toronto to audition for Wolverine and got the role. 

He had to go to LA the next day as he had to start shooting for his next project. 

They told him that if police in customs asked him about what he was doing in Toronto, he had to answer that he was there for his audition. 

He was in the line in customs, sweating as he reminded himself to tell the police that he was in Toronto for an audition. 

His turn came, and the guy asked about what he was doing back there, and he told him what he was supposed to mean. 

The police again questioned him, asking what he was doing in Toronto for a week. 

Hugh started sweating, and he finally told him that he got the part in Wolverine

He admitted that he couldn't lie. The police told him to go to some room, and he was there for half an hour. 

He said the man told him to put his phone down when he was on his phone. Hugh thought he was going to jail and lost the most significant break in his career. 

When the police interrogated him again, he told him he was in Toronto because he got part in X-Men and didn't have a visa. 

The man was shocked when he heard that he was auditioning for X-Men, and when he knew that Hugh would be playing Wolverine, he called all his friends and told everyone that he was Wolverine

Why Does Hugh Go To The Restroom Five Minutes Before Every Show?

Hugh said that his urinary bladder is very overactive. He shared that he once peed on his pants when he was 26. 

He said he drank a lot of water back then and could not hold it for long. 

He revealed that when there is an announcement about five minutes call, he had to go the bathroom anyhow. 

He said he religiously went to the bathroom five minutes before the show. 

He said they were on the train in one of the opening shows, and he was bouncing on the seat for five minutes, eagerly wanting to go to the bathroom. 

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