Who Is Sophia Law? Daughter Of Jude Law

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Sophia Law is the daughter of actor Jude Law. She was born in 2003. Her mother, Samantha Burke, is a model.

Her parents met each other when Jude was shooting for Sherlock Holmes. However, they never tied the knot, as their relationship lasted for a short period. 

Her mother knew that she got pregnant after they broke off. 

She even hid her pregnancy from Jude, thinking he didn’t have time for them. She has two half-sisters and two half-brothers. 

Sophia Law with her mom, Samantha Burke.
Sophia Law with her mom, Samantha Burke. Source: Facebook

Is Jude Married?

Jude has been married to Phillipa Coan since 2019. His wife is a psychologist by profession. 

One of their mutual friends introduced them to each other in 2015. However, the two kept their romantic life very private. 

They tied the knot after dating for four years in 2019 in an intimate wedding ceremony. 

They welcomed their firstborn in 2020. Prior, he was married to actress Sadie Frost in 1997

They share three kids. Unfortunately, they got separated in 2003

Sophia Law's father, Jude Law.
Sophia Law's father, Jude Law. Source: Pinterest

Jude Is Banned On Belarus

Jude gave an interview on Stephen Colbert‘s talk show where he talked about his movie being banned. 

The interviewer, Stephen, started the interview by praising Jude for his acting in Jude Law and Order. 

Stephen personally enjoyed the multi-character that he played in Jude Law and Order. 

Not only Stephen, but many people who have watched Jude Law and Order love it, but there are some places where people hate him and his movies. 

Jude revealed that the people of Belarus don’t like him, and his movies are banned over there. 

He explained the reason behind it, and the thing was he supported a theater company in Belarus that got banned.

Belarus is the last dictatorship of Europe, and the president of Belarus banned the theater for the political theater setup. 

The heads of the two companies that got banned were kicked out of the theater. 

Jude was a great supporter of them as he loved their work, and also they kept their production in London. Jude is an associate of so he thought of getting involved to support them. 

First, Sir Tom stepped into the movement, and then, because of that, his movies got banned over there. 

Kevin Spacey also later got involved, and his movies got banned in Belarus, too. 

Also, the Pet Shop Boys music is banned because the dictator doesn’t like it. 

Jude then talked about his movie Genius. In the movie, he played the role of Southern American novelist Thomas Wolfe, and for that character, he learned a Southern accent for that movie. 

However, he didn’t sound southern, as his accent was more like that of North Carolina.


Sophia is 13 years old.

Net worth

Her father Jude's net worth is estimated to be $75 million

Sophia Law's siblings.
Sophia Law's siblings. Source: The Mirror

Jude Talked About How He Spent His Time During Lockdown

Jude got obsessed with his garden when he got to spend more time at his house during the pandemic. He said he has the most beautiful garden. 

He shared it was a blessing to have a beautiful garden in between the situation going around the world. 

He said he was obsessed with his creeping flowering plant named Wisteria. 

He trained down two wires up the wall of his garden and watched those plants grow in the wire. 

Also, he welcomed his baby during the pandemic. 

He said he was blessed to have a baby at that point as they could give the time, love, and care and give company to her wife. 

Jude Talked About Meeting Joe Biden 

Jude played Pope Pius XIII in the drama series Young Pope, which aired in 2016

Joe Biden, the USA's Vice President at that time, came to meet him on the set. 

Jude said that he loved meeting people as his fans dressed as Pope

He said he was significantly impacted when dressed as the Pope surrounded by Vatican guards

He added when Biden came to his shoot, he was shooting in the apartment, and he was in his pajamas. 

He shared he even brought his grandkids with him. He mentioned he was a very relaxed and funny guy. 

Jude's Son Is Also Following His Footsteps

Jude's eldest son, Rafferty Law, is also into acting like his dad. He is also a musician and model

He worked with his dad on a short film named The Hat in 2020, which was shot by iPhone during the pandemic in 2020

He also appeared in the 2021 film Twist and was cast in the series Masters of the Sir in the same year. 

In an interview, Jude said that his son doesn’t need any acting advice from him as he is intelligent and sensible. 

Jude On Meeting J.K Rowling

Jude played young Dumbledore in the film Fantastic Beast. It is a fictional character from Harry Potter. 

He said he got a chance to meet J.K Rowling. He shared she told him everything about his character. 

He added it was an excellent opportunity to get direct guidance and insights from the writer herself. 

He said it was a huge responsibility as the fan's expectations were too high. However, he noted J.K. Rowling was a bright, fun, and sensible woman. 

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