Sophie Michaels- Lorne Michaels Daughter Dating?

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Sophie Michaels is the daughter of Lorne Michaels, a Canadian-American television producer and screenwriter

Her mother's name is Alice Barry. She has two siblings named Edward and Henry

His father, Lorne, was married three times and is currently married to Alice. Sophie herself is an actress.

Her nationality is Canadian- American. She has two stepbrothers from her father's side.

Parents of Sophie Michaels 
Parents of Sophie Michaels   Source: Pinterest

Parents Relationship

At first, Lorne was married to Rosie Shuster. They both stayed in wedlock for eight years. After dating each other for four years, they decided to get married. 

They had no children together. In 1980, they divorced each other. After that, he got married to Susan Forristal, a model.

They both dated each other for a year. After dating for a year, they got married. 

Their married relationship lasted for only five years. In 1987 they got separated from each other.

Currently, Lorne is married to Alice Barry. Alice was a former assistant of Lorne

Their wedding took place in 1991 after dating each other for a year. They had already completed 27 years of their married life. 

Lorne has three children with his wife, Alice. He has two sons named Edward and Henry. His daughter's name is Sophie.

About Father Lorne Michaels

Lorne is a Canadian-American television producer and screenwriter born on November 17, 1994

He is the son of Florence and Henry Abraham Lipowitz.  His parents raised him with his two siblings. 

He is well known for producing Saturday Night Live shows and Late Night series. He has received many awards in his lifetime. 

He has also created the record of the most nominated award with 91 nominations. 

He has been married three times in his life. As of today, he is married to Alice Barry and has three children with her.

Lorne, in his current age
Lorne, in his current age  Source: Twitter

Lorne Was Accused Of Forcing Sex

In the film industry, it is seen that many people are being victims of sexual harassment. 

There are many cases of female actors being forced by directors for sex. In some cases, men are also victims of harassment. 

Chris Kattan accused Lorne of forcing him to have sex with the director. 

Chris was the former star of the Saturday Night Live show he has opened up about it in his book. 

According to him, the famous producer Lorne encouraged him to have a physical relationship with Amy Heckerling, the director

He was forced because Lorne wanted Amy to get the opportunity to direct a 1990s comedy movie that Kattan was in. 

He denied that offer, but he was too frightened that Lorne and Amy would use their power to drag him. 

Lorne also threatened Kattan to make sure that Amy must be kept to succeed in that movie. 

Lorne Michaels Stalked By Someone

Lorne filed a case against Evans Pidhajecky, a stand-up comedian, for stalking him. 

According to Evans, Lorne was stealing some of his idea without his knowledge. 

He even tried to meet Lorne and clear up things by talking. He visited Lorne six times but couldn't succeed. 

Because of that, Lorne thought that he was being stalked. This case was reached up to the court. 

As Evans had no criminal records before, the judge ordered him to stay away from Lorne.

The judge also ordered that if Evans maintains his distance from Lorne and gets checked with a psychologist, he shut the case and set him free.

Lorne Ran Show In Pandemic As Well

Lorne gave an interview for Today in 2021, where he talked about his show, journey, and experience. Lorne has been producing the Saturday Night Show

It's his 46th year of producing the Sunday Night Show. Initially, the show started by saying, "Live from New York, It's Saturday night". 

Lorne was 30 when he started the show. It quickly became a new revolution in the entertainment industry. 

It was like a weekly dose for people around America and around the world, every Saturday at 11.30 p.m. 

It was a great comedy program with a lot of celebrities doing comedy. Being first of its kind, no one thought it would go this far. 

The team and production of the show have increased in numbers, but Lorne still produces the show. 

Lorne not only produced the show in all these years but in a pandemic period of 2021 as well. 

He didn't step back from entertaining his audience. He and his production continued the show throughout the pandemic by inviting guests online and offline. 

Because of that, all the precautions were strictly followed by the production and audience.

Moreover, nobody was allowed to take off their mask during the shooting. 

SNL has been part of Hollywood entertainment for a long time, but it doesn't mean they are still running in old ways or ideas.

Lorne has ensured that none of the audience got bored from the show throughout the year. 

He has made sure to stay updated and adapt to time and situations. His crews are also trained to adapt to every possible change he brings into the show. 

Although he has made quite a change in the show from the beginning to now, he expressed that the main motive of the show has always been to entertain people with honesty and intelligence.


Sophie is in her early 20s. Her exact birthdate is unknown.

Net Worth

Sophia's net worth hasn't been revealed yet. Her father, Lorne, has a net worth is $500 Million

His source of income is as being a screenwriter and producer. His salary per year is 30 Million.

Lorne Michaels and SNL accused of racism

"Sunday Night Show" is one of the biggest shows in America. There are more than 100 cast members in the show. 

In 2013 Michaels and SNL were accused of racism as out of 137 cast members, only 4 were black. 

For a long time, a lack of black people was recruited for the show. 

This created a feeling of racism among people and fans, so they started complaining about it. 

SNL producers, along with Lorne, said that they would consider those comments, but as time passed, it was just a talk. 

In one interview, Lorne was asked about racism, but he didn't answer it clearly and said that the crew would be selected based on the show's requirements and persons' talent and qualifications.

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