Spencer Sink- Truth About Sadie Sink Brother

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Spencer Sink is the brother of American actress Sadie Sink. He was born to his parents, Lori Elizabeth and Casey Adam Sink

He has four siblings, two sisters and two brothers. 

He was born in Brenham, Texas. He is an American.

Spencer Sink's sister Sadie Sink and brother
Spencer Sink's sister Sadie Sink and brother  Source: Pinterest

Sister'sSink's Relationship Status 

Sadie does not have a boyfriend currently. 

However, she was rumoured to be the girlfriend of her co-star Caleb Mclaughlin with whom she appeared in Sci fic series Stranger Things. 

Because of their onscreen chemistry, their fans thought that there was something between them in their real life, too, and their rumours of dating sparked everywhere. 

Later both of them said they are just good friends in real life.

Spencer Sink's sister Sadie Sink
Spencer Sink's sister Sadie Sink Source: Instagram


Sadie is 20 years old. Her height is 1.6 m.

Net Worth

His sister'sSink's net worth is $1 Million. Her source of income is an actress.

Sadie Lied To Stranger Things Cast 

In the interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Sadie talked about her series Stranger Things and her new movie with Brendan Fraser

Sadie came to prominence after her appearance in the Netflix series Stranger Things as Max

She opened up in that interview saying she was only 14 years old when she got the role in the series and it was one of the best things that happened to her. 

She joined the cast in season 2 and before that she was a big fan of that show and had watched all episodes of season one. 

She got a call for the character and after four callbacks and a screen test, she finally got the role. The next day after she was finalized for Max's character she received a skateboard at her home. 

With the skateboard, there was also a knee pad, helmets, and everything that was necessary for Skateboarding. 

She actually had to learn skateboarding for her character but as she had never done it before she had no idea what she would do. 

So tried and on the very first day she really had a bad fall and after that, she didn’t like the idea of skateboarding. 

She revealed that she lied to the casting by saying that she has rollerblading experience and it might be the reason that she got the role of Max

But she learned and by the time shooting started she knew how to skateboard. 

She then talked about her new movie where she played the daughter of Brendan Fraser and told that it took a 4-hour-long prosthetic for Brendan to get into his role. 

Before working with Brendan she has never seen any of his movies but then she slowly started watching his movie. 

During the premiere of her movie Sadie and her family went to New York. Her family had no idea about her character and it was kind of a surprise for them. 

After seeing her movie in the premiere one of the brothers Spencer told that her character Ellie in the movie looked like a dirtbag and she didn’t take that well. 

Stranger Things Scares Sadie

In one of the interviews, Sadie was asked if Fear Street or Stranger Things scares her. 

Sadie replied that Stranger Things scares her more than Fear street. 

She feels that Fear Street is a classic and slasher type of movie, and Stranger Things is somehow like eerie. 

She is part of Stranger Things, but she got scared when she watched season 1 of that series. 

She explained the scene where everyone was running down the hallway, and someone got pulled into the elevator. 

She said that the scene scared the hell out of her, and she would never forget that. 

But as she was part of that series, she said that she lost the element of surprise because she already knew what would happen next in the series.

Sadie Calls Herself A Loyal Friend

Sadie is well known for her role in the famous Netflix sci-fi series Stranger Things. 

She had played the role of Max Mayfield in that series, and she managed to earn a huge fan following through her acting. 

She said that her character Max has many similar things that she has with her. 

As she grew up, she learned that many things between her and Max were the same. 

She explained her character as confident and a girl who was sure of herself. 

She said that her character was a loyal friend, and she thinks that character of her role was very similar to her as she thinks of herself as a loyal friend too.

In that series, Max, her character, could do anything for her friends, and when it comes to friends, Sadie is much like her character. 

Hard Time Leaving Her Character And Show 

Sadie has shown her appearance in Stranger Things as Max. 

She started her role play in that series when she was very young. 

When she started shooting for the first season of Stranger Things, she was just 14 years old, and in the interview, she opened up that she is now shooting for the fourth season of Stranger Things. 

She is now 20 years old and told that it's the final season of that series and it will be very hard for her to say goodbye to the show with whom she grew up. 

She also opened up about the new turns in the series and told in an interview that season 4 would be scarier and darker than the previous one.

Every episode of season 4 will be like mini-movies.

Learned Skateboarding For Her Character 

Sadie's character Max is a very impressive skateboarder. 

In an interview with a magazine, Sadie said she didn't know to skateboard before getting her role as Max

She said that she learned skateboarding to fit in the role of Max, and it was not easy for her. 

Beautiful Sadie Sink
Beautiful Sadie Sink Source: Instagram

She had a hard time learning skateboarding, and it was a rough journey. 

She had no control over it, but eventually, she got better and learned to skate properly. 

It took her long practice and hard dedication to learn that.

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