Stacy Friedman

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Stacy Friedman

Stacy Moore is the mother of American singer, actress, and songwriter Mandy Moore. Stacy herself was a news reporter. As a reporter, she was working in Orlando Sentinel

Stacy was married to Donald Moore, a pilot who worked in American Airlines. She left her husband for another woman as she is gay.

Relationship status of Mandy Moore

Mandy was in a relationship with Zach Braff previously. They dated each other for two years and got separated. 

After two years of her breakup with Zach, Moore started dating Ryan Adams.

They got engaged with each other after dating for a year. In the same year of their engagement, they got married to each other. They soon got separated and started living separately.

After six months of their separation, they got divorced. They both said that their divorce was mutual. 

Later in 2019, Moore opened up that her ex-husband psychologically abused her, so she parted ways with him.

Moore is currently married to Taylor Goldsmith. Their wedding was held in 2018. They knew each other through their social media. 

Stacy Moore's daughter Mandy Moore with her husband Taylor Goldsmith at their wedding
Stacy Moore's daughter Mandy Moore with her husband Taylor Goldsmith at their wedding. Source: Instagram

After spending a lot of time talking on social media, they decided to meet up and go on a date.

When they both started dating, Moore was still stuck up with her previous marriage and divorce. 

But later, she knew that Taylor was the one for her. They both are very happy and have a son named August Harrison, who was born in 2021.

About Mandy Moore

Mandy is an American singer, actress, and songwriter who was born on 10 April 1984. Her real name is Amanda Leigh Moore

She is the second child of her parents Stacy and Donald Moore. She was raised by her parents with her older and younger brother. 

She developed her hobby of singing and acting when she was a teenager. Her parents never wanted her in the entertainment field. 

She started her career in music when she was 13 years old. Her well-known songs are Crush, Candy, and Fifteen. Her song I Wanna Be With You was one of her hit song. 

She has also appeared in many movies. She has also won awards for her music and acting performance.

Stacy Moore with her daughter Mandy Moore
Stacy Moore with her daughter Mandy Moore. Source: Instagram


Mandy is 37 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Mandy is $14 million. Her source of income comes from singing and acting. She has already sold 104,000 copies of her album.

Did Her ex-husband manipulate Mandy?

Mandy and Adams officially got divorced in 2018. First, when they were interviewed after their separation, they told the media that it was a mutual decision. 

But after a year, in one of the interviews, Mandy revealed that her ex-partner was psychologically abusive towards her. He was too manipulative and was emotionally hurting her. 

Due to Adams, Mandy didn't have friends in the industry and had fewer contacts. She started feeling so low and depressed due to him. 

Mandy was not the only woman that Adams has emotionally attacked. There were six other women before Mandy whom Adams behaved in the same manner and was mentally attacked.

Adams later apologized to everyone that he had hurt through his tweet. Mandy then said he never apologized to anyone personally, and it was just a show-off tweet for fake concern as he always did to manipulate people.

Stacy Moore's daughter Mandy Moore with her ex-husband Ryan Adams
Stacy Moore's daughter Mandy Moore with her ex-husband Ryan Adams. Source: Daily Mail

Did Mandy ask her fans for a favor?

Mandy in 2017 fell into an accident in her bathroom. She smashed her upper eye in her bathroom door and was wounded badly. 

Due to this, she was taken to hospital, and she had to get her wound stitched. She revealed her photo of the injury on her Instagram.

She had a black stain on her eye. So uploading her injury picture, she asked her fans to give her some ideas to get rid of those black marks in her eyes. 

Many fans suggested many ways and remedies. She followed them and thanked her fans later by saying she was recovering.

Mandy injured in boat

In 2007, Mandy was to be featured in Self Magazine. For that, her theme was to shoot in a boat. 

She was posing on the boat, but she had to jump off the boat to the water for one pose. While jumping, she didn't land safely.

She misbalanced her foot, and her ankle was ruptured.  She was then taken to the hospital, where her foot was plastered. 

She didn't stop due to her injury and soon started her projects and works.

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