Who Is Stanley Fimberg? Ex-Husband Of Dyan Cannon

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Who Is Stanley Fimberg? Ex-Husband Of Dyan Cannon

Stanley Fimberg is the ex-husband of Dyan Cannon, an American actress and filmmaker. Stanley is a film producer and real estate investor. 

Marriage And Children

Stanley was once married to Dyan Cannon, who is an award-winning actress. They married in 1985 but separated after six years of marriage in 1995.

They don’t have kids together. 

Before Dyan, he had several marriages. Currently, he is married to Esther Baird

Previously, Dyan was married to Cary Grant, an actor.

Stanley Fimberg with his ex-wife, Dyan Cannon.
Stanley Fimberg with his ex-wife, Dyan Cannon. Source: Pinterest

About His Career

Stanley has been involved in real estate for over four decades and is the managing member of FSC Realty LLC

He has worked in various private businesses related to real estate, owning properties across 38 states

Stanley started his career in law, and later, he shifted to international tax law with the U.S. Treasury Department

He became a partner in an entertainment law firm in 1965 and transitioned to real estate investment in 1970

He has specialized in multi-residence investment and owned properties in different sectors. 

Despite his successful career, Stanley keeps a low profile. 

As of 2023, what he is currently doing is unclear, but it is assumed he is spending time with his family. 


Stanley was born on May 15, 1934, United States. He is 89 years old as of 2023. His birth sign is Taurus.

Net worth

As an actress and filmmaker, Stanley's ex-wife Dyan's net worth is about $16 million. 

Dyan Cannon
Dyan Cannon Source: Instagram

Dyan Wrote A Book On Her First Husband, Cary Grant

Cary Grant is a famous actor who wanted to meet Dyan Cannon in 1961

At first, she didn’t understand why someone older and more experienced would be interested in her. 

After some hesitation, they eventually met, and she was amazed by how handsome he was. 

Dyan Cannon, now 86, wrote a book called Dear Cary: My Life with Cary Grant, where she talks about the personal details of their relationship. 

She was in a five-year relationship with Cary. They had a 33-year age difference. 

She faced challenges in being honest about their time together while preserving Cary’s legendary image. 

The breakup took a toll on Dyan, leading to a  difficult period in her life, including a mental hospital stay. 

Despite the challenges, both Dyan and Cary found happiness in later relationships. 

They have a child together, a daughter named Jennifer Grant

The book is her way of celebrating overcoming difficulties and aims to offer hope and inspiration to others who may have experienced similar challenges. 

This is not her first attempt at writing a book she tried over ten years ago, but she struggled, to be honest. 

She turned down offers from famous people like Swifty Lazar and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis until she thought her story could help and inspire others. 

Dyan hopes her book connects with people who have felt heartbreak, encouraging trust and healing. 

Dyan Cannon with her first husband and their daughter.
Dyan Cannon with her first husband and their daughter. Source: Instagram

Dyan Discusses Movies Inspired By Her Experiences 

Dyan talked about her movie Coast to Coast with Robert Blake

She also mentioned missing Johnny Carson and the show. 

Dyan shared changes in her diet and no longer being a vegetarian and also discusses her marriage to Anam, which started through Johnny Carson

She also mentioned the film Honeysuckle Rose and her admiration for Willie Nelson

In another interview with Johnny Carson, they discussed working with Nelson on the movie’s theme and personal details like redecorating her Malibu house. 

In a separate conversation, Johnny interviews Dyan about her film inspired by memories from renovating her house. 

The film revolves around teenage experiences, the effects of drugs on young people, and Dyan's first sexual experience as a high school girl. 

Johnny is impressed and invites Dyan back to the show. 

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