Who Is Stefan Kulusevski? Father Of Dejan Kulusevski

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Who Is Stefan Kulusevski? Father Of Dejan Kulusevski

Stefan Kulusevski is the father of Dejan Kulusevski, who is a professional football player and a midfielder for Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur. 

He is from North Macedonia, and his wife is Swedish. He has two children a daughter, Sandra Kulusevski, and a son Dejan with his beautiful wife.

Stefan Kulusevski's wife and son, Dejan Kulusevski.
Stefan Kulusevski's wife and son, Dejan Kulusevski. Source: Instagram

Is Dejan Married?

Dejan is not married yet. But he is in a relationship with Eldina Ahmic, who is also a professional footballer like him. 

They started dating each other back in 2020 when he was playing for Parma. They kept their romance as lowkey as possible. 

They were secretly seeing each other for two years but never confirmed their relationship. 

But in 2022, Eldina made their relationship official when she celebrate Stefan's success of being in one of the biggest clubs in Europe

Dejan Kulusevski with his girlfriend, Eldina Ahmic.
Dejan Kulusevski with his girlfriend, Eldina Ahmic. Source: Instagram


Stefan's son Dejan is 22 years old.

Net Worth

Stefan's son Dejan's net worth is estimated to be $11 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a professional football player.

Family of Stefan Kulusevski.
Family of Stefan Kulusevski. Source: Instagram

Dejan Talked About How His Journey Started

Dejan is a rising star in the Premier league. He said that his journey started in Sweden. He was passionate about football since his childhood. 

He did not exactly know when he start to play, but he used to play every single day when he was young. 

One of his neighbors saw him playing and asked his mom to put him in training. 

His mother wanted him to stay away from stress and wanted him to do something that will be fruitful for him. 

She also supported him playing football. 

Stefan Kulusevski's daughter, Sandra Kulusevski.
Stefan Kulusevski's daughter, Sandra Kulusevski. Source: Instagram

He started playing, and later, he realized that he can be a professional at the age of 15-16 and was confident that he will achieve his dreams. 

He played for a Swedish club till he turned 15. After that, he joined Atlanta

He had to leave far away from his home, and he missed his mother, friends, and school. 

But his father's words and that feeling kept him motivated to do better. After being in Atlanta for six months, he signed a deal with Juventus. 

He got an opportunity to play with big players like Ronaldo. 

Then he moved to Tottenham Spurs. He said that the coach and the players were really welcoming. It gave him a lot of confidence. 

In his first game, he was able to score for his club. 

He said Antonio Conte guided him a lot and said to him that he was brought to the club not just to have fun but to win the title for the club. 

He said that Antonio is very dedicated to winning, and his dedication will guide the team to win more in the future. 

Dejan Discussed Working With Antonio Conte

In an interview, Dejan said that he knew about Antonio before he joined Spur as he had heard about him a lot. 

He had watched him play and how he managed his team. 

He was well aware that Antonio was the best manager in the football world though he had not worked with him before. 

To be able to play under him was a great opportunity for him. 

He said that it was not easy to work under him, but he was ready to take that challenge. He added that he is grateful to be coached by him. 

He mentioned that Conte can guide him to improve in a lot of things and be the best version of himself under his guidance. 

Dejan's First Day At Spurs

Dejan sat down to talk about his experience of joining the Spurs. He said that he loved the feeling of being in the club. 

He just loved the fresh air and environment. He met all the staff of the club. 

He was looking forward to winning games and scoring goals. He said that he has a year to show the club what he can do. 

He added that after playing two-three games, he felt comfortable with the team and become unstoppable since then. 

He was always looking forward to playing for the club, and when the time came, he grabbed the opportunity. 

He wanted to learn from his teammates and coach.

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