Who Is Stella May Oldham Vincent? Daughter Of Peri Gilpin

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Who Is Stella May Oldham Vincent? Daughter Of Peri Gilpin

Stella May Oldham Vincent is the daughter of Peri Gilpin, an American actress

Her father's name is Christian Vincent. She has one sibling, and her name is Ava Oldham Vincent.

 Parents of Stella May Oldham Vincent.
Parents of Stella May Oldham Vincent. Source: Pinterest

Peri Is Returning To The Frasier Series

In the upcoming sequel series of Frasier on  Paramount, fans can look forward to the return of Peri as Roz, who was initially known as Frasier Crane’s radio show producer and later became the station manager. 

This new installment shifts the action to Boston, where Frasier faces fresh challenges and forms new relationships.

Bebe Neuwirth is also returning, reprising her role as Lilith Sternin, Frasier’s ex-wife from the beloved series “Cheers'. ' 

However, the heart of the sequel lies in the story of Frasier's son Frederick, portrayed by Jack Cutmore-Scott, who embodies a blend of his father and grandfather. 

With recent troubles plaguing him, Frederick seeks to mend his relationship with Frasier.

The show introduces new characters, including David, the son of Niles and Daphne

James Burrows, a key figure behind Cheers and the original Frasier, directed the first two episodes, and CBS Studios produced the series in partnership with Kelsey Grammer’s production company. 

Stella May And Her Twins Was Surrogate 

Peri has been married to a talented painter named Christian for over 20 years

They have twin daughters, Stella and Ava, born in 2004 through a surrogate mother. 

Peri’s career in entertainment started in the late 1980s, and she gained fame in the early 1990s when she played Roz in Frasier, a spin-off of Cheers

The show was a big success, winning numerous Emmy Awards. Aside from her acting career, Peri’s life has had some challenges. 

Her mother passed away from cancer in 1997, and since then, she has been involved in raising awareness about cancer, particularly breast cancer. 

She believes in being proactive and educating people about the risks and screening for the disease. 

Stella May Oldham Vincent with her parents and sister.
Stella May Oldham Vincent with her parents and sister. Source: Pinterest


Stella was born on 7 May 2004, and her current age is 19. 

Net worth

Stella's mother, Peri's net worth is about 25 million dollars

Peri's Show “Frasier” Producers Tragic Death In 9/11

Peri shared her experience of September 11, 2001. She was at home in bed while her husband was in New York City

He called her early morning to tell her about a plane crashing into the World Trade Center

They watched the news together on TV, and when the second plane hit, her husband was near and had to run for safety. 

Peri was relieved when she heard from him later. 

However, she received the sad news that two producers from the Frasier show, David and Len, had been on the first plane that hit the towers. 

Peri remembered her interaction with David Angel, one of the producers, and how he had a great sense of humor. 

He coined the word Boink, which became popular among the show’s cast and crew. 

David and his wife Lynn were dedicated to helping children and supporting various causes. 

The Frasier team didn’t talk publicly about the 9/11 tragedy until one day, when they all gathered and had a heartfelt conversation about David and Lynn

It was a painful loss, but talking about it brought some closure and healing.

Peri praised David’s support on the set, his excellent taste, and his ability to push boundaries tastefully. 

She also recalled a story about how the show continued despite the tragedy because it was their job to show the cast and crew’s resilience. 

Lastly, Peri mentioned a personal conversation with David Hyde Pierce, another actor from Frasier, about a charity event they both were involved in. 

David assured her they would still go ahead despite the tragic events of 9/11. 

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