Stephanie Nicole Clark- Tragedy Of Cody Longo Wife

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Stephanie Nicole Clark- Tragedy Of Cody Longo Wife

Stephanie Nicole Clark is the wife of former late actor Cody Longo. 

Her late husband Cody is well known for his role as Nicholas Alamain in the soap opera "Days of Our Lives." Stephanie is a dancer and a choreographer. 

She is an American citizen of her nationality. She is currently living in Austin, Texas.

Family of Stephanie Nicole Clark.
Family of Stephanie Nicole Clark. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Stephanie was married to her late husband, Cody Longo. Stephanie started dating Cody in 2014, and a year after dating, she married him. 

She shared three children, a daughter, and two sons, with her husband. Her eldest daughter's name is Lyla, her second son's name is Elijah, and Noah is the name of her youngest. 

Stephanie is a proud mom of three children and shares many pictures with her little ones on her social media. 

Her eldest daughter Lyla is also a dancer and has been achieving success in her career. 

As a mom, Stephanie happily shares her achievement through her Instagram.

Stephanie and Cody were married for seven years, sadly ending with Cody's death on February 8, 2023

Stephanie Nicole Clark with her late husband, Cody Longo.
Stephanie Nicole Clark with her late husband, Cody Longo. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth 

Stephanie is 33 years old. Her net worth is still under review. However, her late husband Cody had a net worth of $5 Million.

Children of Stephanie Nicole Clark.
Children of Stephanie Nicole Clark. Source: Instagram

Stephanie Was Physically Attacked

Stephanie was married to actor Cody with whom she spent her life until the end of Cody.

But there was a time when Cody got arrested because of Stephanie's accusations. 

It was found that Cody was intoxicated from alcohol and was not in his senses when he returned to his home in Clarksville.

He then got into a big fight with his wife, Stephanie. Both of them not just shouted at each other, but the war took a physical form quickly. 

It was reported that Cody attacked Stephanie with his elbow, which made her face swollen. 

Although there were no bruises, her injuries were harsh. But Cody denied all the allegations that were made against him.

He was then proven guilty. He had to pay a lot of money to stay out of prison. 

But it was not his first time in a DUI case. In 2013 as well, he was arrested for a DUI case. He even went to classes that educated him about its harsh effect.

Stephanie Got A Bad Feeling

On February 8, Stephanie lost her husband, Cody. She and Cody married for seven years and shared three beautiful children. 

But her husband's sudden demise has left them heartbroken. On the day when Cody died, Stephanie was busy with her work. 

She was in her dance studio and continuously tried reaching out to her husband. 

During that time, she got a bad feeling that something might happen, and following her intuition, she asked the police to check on her husband. 

The police reached Stephanie's house and tried contacting Cody, but they got no response, so they broke the door and got inside her home. 

The police officers found Stephanie's husband died in the bed. 

The exact reason behind her husband's death is unknown, but one of the members of the family opened up that Cody has been dealing with alcoholism for a long and it might be the reason behind his sudden demise.

Did Cody Sexually Assault A Kid?

Cody was accused in 2019 of sexually assaulting a 9-year-old kid. It was reported that Cody's wife was out of town when this happened. 

Cody brought the 9-year-old to a hotel room and told her to massage him. 

The kid knew Cody, so she agreed to go with him. But massaging him was a bit too much. 

Cody not just asked her to give him a foot massage but forced her to grab his penis. 

She said that Cody inappropriately touched her and made her play around his thighs. 

The kid was told to stay quiet and not tell anyone about it. Later the kid told her parents, and they filed a case against Cody. 

But it was never proven in court, and the file was closed, leaving Cody not guilty.

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