Who Is Stephanie Shorr? Ex-Wife Of Tom Smothers

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Who Is Stephanie Shorr? Ex-Wife Of Tom Smothers

Stephanie Shorr is the ex-wife of Tom Smothers, an American comedian and actor

Tom and Stephaine were married from 1963 to 1967. Stephanie was the second wife of Tom

They had one son, Thomas Bolyn, who died in 2023 at 57.

He has been married thrice in his life. Tom has three kids.

Stephanie Shorr with her ex-husband.
Stephanie Shorr with her ex-husband. Source: Pinterest

Tom Died At 86

Tom, the famous comedy duo brothers, died at 86. 

Their TV show, The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, was unique in the late 1960s. 

It was different and talked about important things. 

Tom passed away, but he and his brothers greatly impacted comedy. 

They talked about important things like the Vietnam War and the hippie lifestyle

Even though it was popular, the people who check what’s on TV didn’t always like it. 

The show had many problems with them, and in the end, it was stopped in 1970. Tom always spoke his mind. 

In 2008, he got a special Emmy award and used the chance to say we should speak up against influential people. 

Later, he and his brother sued CBS and got $775,000

Tom was funny and believed strongly in the freedom to express ourselves. 


Her ex-husband Tom was born on February 2, 1937. 

Net Worth

As an American comedian and actor, Stephanie's ex-husband Tom’s net worth is about $10 million.

Tom On Speaking Up And Facing Problems

Tom is famous for speaking freely. 

He thinks it is essential for people to speak their minds and question the government, and he says that’s a big part of the First Amendment in the United States

He worries that nowadays, some people use free speech to say anything without meaning. 

He talked about his experience with censorship while doing his TV show, and he believed groups like the ACLU are needed to protect artists and their right to free speech. 

He shared stories about the challenges he faced making the show, like when he had Pete Seeger, a singer who had been banned from the program.

They censored Pete’s song at first, but Tom fought to let him perform it. 

He also mentioned how there is not much political satire on mainstream TV today, and he brings up a controversial skit from his show called Tea with Goldie that hinted at drug use, raising questions about how people use the First Amendment

Tom remembers an episode with Harry Belafonte where they sang a politically charged song, but it never aired because of disagreements with the TV network. 

He remembered a time when he was asked to be more controversial. 

This led to a famous protest involving a bunny suit. 

He believed their show influenced policies and people, and they got in trouble for being too ironic. 

The Origin Of Smother Brothers

Tom talked about how he and his brother Dickie started making people laugh. 

When Tom was in school, he got good at giving speeches, which helped him perform in front of others. 

He loved playing the guitar and making up funny stories about folk songs. 

The act starts as a trio but becomes a duo, and even though they thought it would only last six months, it went on for over 42 years.

Tom also shared how he and his brother almost stopped working together because of arguments. 

They decided to try being a comedy instead. 

At that time, Folk music was trendy, so Tom started singing folk songs and telling stories. 

He learned to play the bass, creating a unique act together. 

It wasn’t super fancy, but it was different and became very successful. spouse

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