Who Is Stephanie U. Shelton? Sister Of Carrie Underwood

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Who Is Stephanie U. Shelton? Sister Of Carrie Underwood

Stephanie U. Shelton is the sister of Carrie Underwood, an American singer. Stephanie is a fantastic writer who writes stories like thrilling roller coaster rides. 

Her writing is funny and intelligent and keeps readers hooked. 

She was born in the United States and can connect with many readers. 

She has worked hard to become a great writer, facing challenges and always trying to improve.

Her parents are Carole Underwood and Stephen Underwood. Her parents have been married for more than five decades.

She has two siblings, Shanna Underwood and Carrie.

Parents of Stephanie U. Shelton.
Parents of Stephanie U. Shelton. Source: Facebook

Carrie's Scars After An Accident

Carrie posted a photo on Instagram. In that picture, she has a scar on her lip, which is made from a nasty fall she had in November

She was making a music video when the photo was taken. In 2017, after hosting a music awards show, she had a fall and hurt herself. 

She broke her wrist and needed a lot of stitches on her face. 

After the accident, she told her fans she might look different, but she was determined to have a great 2018

Later, when she went to another award show in April, she shared a picture of her smiling face, and there was no sign of scarring. 

So people found out that the accident didn’t severely damage her face. 

Stephanie U. Shelton's sister, Carrie Underwood.
Stephanie U. Shelton's sister, Carrie Underwood. Source: Instagram

Daily Routine of Carrie As A Mom

Carrie is a famous singer, American Idol star, and mom. She talked about her daily routine on a TV show. 

She has two kids with her husband, Mike Fisher, and her day starts after they go to school. 

Her husband usually takes the kids to school, and after they leave, she does things like cleaning the house, making beds, and checking their rooms. 

Like the TV personality Mark Cuban, she also cleans without any help. 

Carrie then cleans her room, works out, and spends time in the garden. She loves cooking and making food at home. 

She spends a lot of time in the kitchen making things like bread. 

When her kids return from school, they have dinner together as a family. Family time is essential to her. 


Stephanie was born in 1970 in the United States. She is 53 years old as of 2023.

Net Worth

Her sister Carrie's net worth is about $140 million.

Stephanie U. Shelton with her sisters.
Stephanie U. Shelton with her sisters. Source: Pinterest

Carrie Prefers Healthy Foods And Lifestyle 

Carrie talked about how being in the public eye made her doubt herself and feel like she was not good enough. 

Her husband Mike helped her by reminding her she is a great wife and mom, not just a famous singer. 

She also talked about her fitness journey. 

Growing up in Oklahoma, she didn’t have access to gum or healthy food, but when she moved to Los Angeles for American Idol, she learned about healthier eating and exercise. 

She realized that eating better made her feel more energetic. 

Carrie believes eating natural whole foods is better for your health than processed foods. 

She emphasizes that personalized nutrition is essential for well-being. Carrie also talked about her hobbies, like farming and gardening. 

She learned to shoot a gun with her husband and is proud of growing crops like tomatoes and black beans in her garden. 

She also talked about her farm, fitness, and faith. She plans to incorporate ducks and mushrooms into her farm and take supplements for her health. 

She uses a particular device to cook meals while traveling. 

She also enjoys making sourdough bread for digestion and nutrient absorption. 

Carrie loves baking and wants to share her love for sourdough with her fans by trying new recipes like cinnamon raisin bread. 

The popularity of sourdough inspires her, and she wants to keep baking and experimenting. 

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