Who Is Stephanie Wiggins? Sister Of Andrew Wiggins

by Manisha Sun Apr 23 2023 Updated On Sun Apr 30 2023
Who Is Stephanie Wiggins? Sister Of Andrew Wiggins

Stephanie Wiggins is the sister of professional basketball player Andrew Wiggins who plays for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association

She is from Canada. Her parents are Mitchell Wiggins and Marita Payne Wiggins

She has five siblings, three brothers, Mitchell Wiggins, Nick Wiggins, and Andrew, and two sisters, Taya Wiggins and Angelica Wiggins.

Stephanie Wiggins with her siblings.
Stephanie Wiggins with her siblings. Source: Instagram

Is Andrew Dating Anyone?

Andre is dating former Notre Dame player Mychal Johnson. They are high school sweethearts. 

They have been dating each other since 2013. They two share two kids together.

Andrew Wiggins with his partner and their baby.
Andrew Wiggins with his partner and their baby. Source: Instagram


Stephanie's brother Andrew is 28 years old. 

Net Worth

Stephanie's brother Andrew's net worth is estimated at $70 million

Stephanie Wiggins's brother and mom.
Stephanie Wiggins's brother and mom. Source: Instagram

Andrew Finally Returns To The Warriors

Andrew has not played any game since February 13. He has missed 23 consecutive matches. 

He took an extended leave from the Warriors because of his family matter. He said that he likes to keep his family matter private. 

In an interview, Andrew thanked his coach for giving him space and privacy when he had to be with his family. 

He shared that his teammate was also supportive and sent their love and prayers to him when he was not around. 

He said there was a situation where his family needed his time and love. For him, his family comes first, and everything after that. 

So he decided to take some time off from basketball. 

He said that when he felt that he was in a safe place and had handled the situation, he decided to return. 

He added he felt good to be back in The Bay and be around his coaches and teammates. 

Andrew Was Taking An Update On The Team While He Was Away

When Andrew was on his basketball break, he talked to some of the players. 

He said he tried to watch every game to see how the team was doing. 

He mentioned it was not hard to see his team play without him as he loves his team and his mates no matter what. 

He added his team was very competitive in every game and did their best, and sometimes it didn’t go as they imagined it to be. 

He tried his best to keep himself in good shape and rhythm when he was away. 

He said that when he was not around, he mostly missed his teammates, playing with them, and competing against the opponent. 

When he came back, he was excited to see his teammates. 

He said it was a fantastic feeling to be back on his team with whom he went to a war every night. 

He was happy to see those familiar faces after so long. 

Andrew Was Labelled As 'Soft'

There was a time when Andrew was given a tag as soft. 

When he was asked about his thoughts, he said that there are people with opinions and perceptions that are not meant to be true in reality. 

He said this kind of thinking doesn't bother or stop him from doing things. 

He said that everyone knows that there is nothing soft about it. 

He added he was grateful to play on the most significant court and showcase his talent to the world. 

Andrew On Being NBA Champions

In 2022 Andrew won his first-ever NBA Championship. He said that it was a dream come true for him. 

He thanked god, the team, and everyone around him. He said he was enjoying the moment. 

He said he came to Golden Warrior to win, and he did that. So he was happy to be Warrior.

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