Stephen Cornish

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Stephen Cornish

Stephen Cornish is the father of famous English singer and songwriter Jessie J

He is married to Rose Cornish. He has three children with Rose. He is currently living in Redbridge, London.

He is of English nationality. 

Stephen's daughter Jessie J and wife
Stephen Cornish's daughter Jessie J and wife  Source: Pinterest

Relationship Status of Jessie J 

Jessie was in a relationship with Luke James. The couple started dating each other in 2014.

They dated nearly for a month and later ended their relationship. 

Before getting into a relationship with Luke, Jessie was rumored to be dating Kenny Hamilton in 2012.

Their love affair gossips started after the couples were spotted together in London.

After ending her relationship with Luke, Jessie briefly dated Channing Tatum.

They kept their relationship private for a few months and was later found out in 2018.

They dated for a year and later broke up. The pair reunited in 2020 but again broke up.

Currently, Jessie is in relationship with Max Pham, a dancer. They haven't opened up much about their relationship yet. 

Jessie J with her boyfriend
Jessie J with her boyfriend  Source: Pinterest

About Jessie J 

Jessie is an English singer and songwriter born on 27 March 1988.

Her full name is Jessica Ellen Cornish. Her parents, Rose and Stephen raised her in London with two siblings. 

She was interested in music hence pursued a music career. She is a very talented singer. 

At the very beginning, she signed a contract with Gut Records

Her first ever single debut, "Do It Like a Duke," gained public attention towards her. 

She has released many albums of her and has gained a lot of fans and well-wishers to date. 

Jessie with her father
Jessie J with her father  Source: Pinterest


Jessie is 33 years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Jessie is $30 Million. Her source of income is singing and songwriting.

Stephen Cornish's Daughter Almost Lost Her Ability To Walk

Stephen's daughter Jessie is a popular singer and travels worldwide for her concerts and performances. 

She regularly participates in events, and it seems she loves what she does. But in 2011, she almost lost her ability to travel as she broke her ankle. 

She was in her rehearsals for her show. She accidently fell off the stage and broke her ankle

She was badly injured. She went through surgery and did bone transplanted, metal plate, fusion and four bolts put onto her foot. 

She was unable to walk for a long time. She was in a wheelchair. Eventually, she healed, but it was still difficult to walk around perfectly for her.

Hence she takes her physio doctor anywhere she went in the world.

Jessie stunning in black
Jessie stunning in black  Source: Instagram 

Jessie J almost died at 18

Jessie is a big name now, but her existence was about to end when she was 18

Jessie was a heart patient from her childhood. She was suffering from a heart disease named Wolff Parkinson White syndrome. 

That heart problem caused her irregular heartbeat. She had a stroke when she was 18 due to that disease. 

She thought she was never going to be okay and would die. But that disease was diagnosed.

She wrote the song Who You Are based on her that experience. She hence enjoys her life, singing on stage and living her dream because she got a second chance to live her life.

Jessie J Has Incurable Disease

Jessie is undoubtedly one of the talented singers. But it's been more than a year that she has been having a problem while singing. 

Her vocal cords are fine, but she has Meniere's disease. The disease caused her pain in her mid-neck, and she has difficulty hearing. 

It is affecting her vocal as well. She was once hospitalized in 2020 because of the same disease. 

Her day doesn't go without pain because of the disease. The cure to Meniere has not yet been found. 

The disease has been troubling Jessie for years. She is fine at her maximum time, but she does feel pain at least once a day. 

She is taking some medicine for her disease, which has decreased her pain.

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