Steve Janowitz – Meet Husband Of Joy Behar

by Manisha Fri Aug 18 2023 Updated On Thu Mar 14 2024
Steve Janowitz – Meet Husband Of Joy Behar

Steve Janowitz is the husband of comedian, actress, and television personality Joy Behar, who currently co-hosts the daytime talk show The View

He was born in 1942 in New York City. He is a former teacher. Steve and Joy got married in 2011.

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Steve dated Joy for 30 years before tying a knot

Joy was married to Joseph Behar, and she has a daughter from her first marriage. They got divorced, and Joy found the love of her life. 

Joy shared that she met her husband at a semi-nudist colony, and she met him again at night of the same day, and they got along after that. 

The two officially started seeing each other in 1982

In an interview, Joy said that they waited for so long to get married because they were waiting for same-sex marriage to be legalized in New York. 

She said gay marriage has an impact on her, and it brought awareness to her regarding same-sex marriage. 

She said Steve and she thought 2011 was the right time to get married. Their wedding ceremony was private.

In an episode of the Rachel Ray show, she said that they waited this long to tie the knot because they were waiting for their parents to die. 

She added both of their parents have passed away, and they have no in-laws. They do not have kids together. 

Steve Janowitz with his wife Joy Behar
Steve Janowitz with his wife Joy Behar. Source: Pinterest


Steve Janowitz is 81 years old

Net worth

His wife's net worth is estimated to be $30 million. She has managed to earn this fortune from her career as a television personality and comedian.

Joy was fired from the Daytime show The View

Joy joined the show in 1997, and she was an integral part of the success of the long-running talk show. 

In 2013, she was dismissed from the show. She was back on the show two years later. In the same show, she opened up about her infamous exit from the show. 

She told people asked her if she was okay or not and she said she was completely fine and happy. 

She said all of her friends had also left the show, and there was no reason for her to stay in the show. Even though she was fired, she was fined with it. 

In an interview back in 2013, she said that she was going to miss her friends, producers, publicists, makeup artists, and everyone from the show.

Behar talked about his relationship with Donald Trump

Behar said that she and Donald have a hate and like a relationship. Sometimes, he hates her more, and sometimes, he hates her less. 

She interviewed him and asked him if he was Woody Allen. He found that funny, and he liked her. 

But she made fun of his hair, which he was not happy about. She even got a letter from his office about making fun of his hair. 

They said that it was his real hair and that she could come over and check it by herself. She said she was not coming to his office. 

Trump was again back to her show and she pulled his hair and found that it was his real hair. 

Being a comedian, she made more jokes about him, and he hated her again. Donald wrote that she had no talent in his book. 

Joy was on his bad list. She said things started to change when she brought his wife, Marla Maples, on her show. 

He liked her at that time but started hating her again after she started making fun of him. 

She was invited to Trump's second wedding. She said that there were a lot of criminals at his wedding. 

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