Who Is Stipo Kovacic? Father Of Mateo Kovacic

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Who Is Stipo Kovacic? Father Of Mateo Kovacic

Stipo Kovacic is the father of Croatian footballer Mateo Kovacic. His wife is Ruzica Kovacic

The couple shares two daughters apart from his son Mateo

He migrated to Austria with his family to avoid the war zones of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Stipo Kovacic's wife and son, Mateo Kovacic.
Stipo Kovacic's wife and son, Mateo Kovacic. Source: Instagram

Is Mateo Married?

Mateo is happily married to Izabel Andrijanic, who is a successful entrepreneur

Mateo met his wife at Church in his hometown. She was a choir girl at the Church

They dated each other for many years and finally exchanged their wedding vows in 2017. The couple is blessed with a child. 

Family of Mateo Kovacic.
Family of Mateo Kovacic. Source: Instagram


His son Mateo is 28 years old

Net Worth

His son Mateo's net worth is estimated to be 22 million euros. 

Mateo Talked About How He Started Playing Football

Mateo said that he fell in love with football the moment when he touched it. He told football meant the world to him. 

He used to have his ball by his side all the time and even used to sleep with his ball. He was crazy about football from a very young age. 

He said when people used to ask what he wanted to be in the future, and then he replied to them that he wanted to become a professional footballer. 

He said he loved being on the pitch and felt comfortable playing football. 

He said while growing up, football was the only thing he had on his mind. 

He said he used to play football with his friends when he was in nursery, and he was faster and better than them. 

His love for football and his comfort from playing it was why he started playing it.

Mateo Shared His Biggest Hurdle He Faced During His Playing Career

Mateo said that football is tough, and the player has to be physically strong enough to deal with it. 

He said he had his rough phase when he was 14 years old. He broke his leg because of the bad tackle by his opponent. 

He said he had to stay away from the pitch for one year because of the injury. 

He said he was very young at that time, and it was hard for him to deal with the injury. 

But his dedication and passion for becoming professional football gave him the strength to come back stronger than ever. 

After that hurdle, he said he became more physically and emotionally strong. 

Mateo's Advice For Young Players

He said that many parents put pressure on their kids to pursue football. 

So he advises young players out there not to play football under anyone's pressure. 

He said the kids should love football and enjoy playing it. He said the seriousness of the game comes naturally when they get older. 

But the most important thing is to enjoy and feel free on the pitch. 

He said winning and giving his best on the pitch is also important. 

He said football should never be considered a sacrifice; instead, it should be considered a privilege to be able to play. 

He said that his father advised him to enjoy and not to put pressure on him, and he has taken his advice from the beginning of his career.

His advice to other young players is also the same. 

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