Who Is Stuart Bailey? Father Of Jonathan Bailey

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Who Is Stuart Bailey? Father Of Jonathan Bailey

Stuart Bailey is the father of English actor Jonathan Bailey. He was director manager at Rowse Honey, and his wife Carole Bailey was an audiologist. 

They are parents to their four kids.

Stuart Bailey's wife and their son.
Stuart Bailey's wife and their son. Source: Instagram

Is Jonathan Married?

Jonathan is not married yet. He is openly gay. There was a report that he was in a relationship with James Ellis

His alleged partner is a publicist. They were spotted together back in 2019

Jonathan has never confirmed his relationship. 

Stuart Bailey's son, Jonathan Bailey.
Stuart Bailey's son, Jonathan Bailey. Source: Instagram


His son Jonathan is 35 years old

Net Worth

His son Jonathan's net worth is $1-5 million

Jonathan Talked About His Intimate Scenes With Matt Bomber

Jonathan and Matt co-star on the historical romance thriller television series Fellow Travelers

Jonathan and Matt have some love scenes on the show. 

In an interview, Bailey shared that there was an intimacy coordinator on set. 

He said he got teamed with Matt so quickly that they told each other what they would do. 

Jonathan Talked About Character In The Series Fellow Travelers

Jonathan played the role of Tim Laughlin in a romantic political thriller television miniseries, Fellow Travelers

He said his character was very fascinating, so he was attracted to the role. 

He revealed he wanted to explore his character's pain and discomfort on his skin. 

He added he had seen such characters before.  

He said he thought Tim was a complicated character, completely different from what he played in Bridgeton

Bailey Worked On Fellow Travelers, Bridgeton, And Wicked At The Same Time

Bailey was committed to three jobs at a time. 

He said he was grateful to all the people who helped him and especially thanked the producers who allowed him to take his day off and go to shoot for his other projects. 

He revealed he practiced 'Wicked' choreography on the Fellow Travelers set. 

Things Jonathan Can’t Live Without

Jonathan loves reading books. He said the books were helpful during a pandemic. 

He loves muesli. He said he takes a massive stash of muesli with him wherever he goes. 

He said his father also used to do that, so he got it from his genes. He shared he is very picky about muesli. 

He said there was a rule on the set of Bridgeton that they could not take their mobile on set, so he took his Polaroid camera as he loved taking photos. 

He loves hanging those photos on the wall. He carries his crucial chain with him. 

He also carries his skincare routine in his bag. He has a worry pebble that he takes everywhere with him. 

He can't live without headphones as he loves listening to his playlist. 

He has a fanny pack around with him. He also has a super cozy glove that he loves to wear. 

Lesser Known Facts About Jonathan 

Jonathan had his crush on Anita from Heartbreak High. Jonathan used to do backflips in the middle of parties. 

He was starstruck by Rihanna at a party. Dishonesty and not being transparent are the things that make him angry. 

Jonathan loves music, and he said music makes him the happiest. 

He shared working at a lemon honey curd factory during Christmas changed his life. 

He said that work was groundbreaking for him, allowing him to be creative with his life. 

He would have loved to become a primary school teacher if he was not an actor. 

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