Who Is Sue Bownds? Mother Of Rebel Wilson

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Who Is Sue Bownds? Mother Of Rebel Wilson

Sue Bownds is the mother of Australian Actress, comedian, singer and writer Rebel Wilson

Rebel is a dog handler and teacher by profession. She was married to Jack Bownds. Her husband died in mid-2010.

Sue Bownds's daughter Rebel Wilson.
Sue Bownds's daughter Rebel Wilson. Source: Instagram

Is Rebel Dating Anyone?

Rebel is currently dating a fashion designer Ramona Agruma

Through her Instagram account, she announced that she was dating a Roman.

In May 2020, she revealed that she was in a happy relationship, but at that time, she did not reveal her partner. 

A few months before that, she was spotted with Ramona at several events. 

She shared that she was introduced to her through a mutual friend who has known them for more than five years. 

She connected to her through a dating app. 

In an interview, she said their set-up was old-school but very romantic. 

She spoke to her over the phone for weeks before meeting her in person. 

Rebel Wilson with her partner Ramona Agruma.
Rebel Wilson with her partner Ramona Agruma. Source: Instagram


Sue's daughter, Rebel, is 42 years old. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall

Net Worth

Her daughter's net worth is estimated to be $22 million

She has managed to earn this fortune from her career as an actor, comedian, singer and producer. 

Rebel Convinced Her Parents About Pursing Acting As A Career

Rebel was a studious child. She is a lawyer as she graduated back in 2009

She was clear in her mind that she wanted to be a professional actress by that time. 

She just wanted to have a degree apart from acting. 

When she said that she wanted to be an actress in Hollywood, her parent's reactions were very bad as they had always imagined her doing some traditional type of job. 

She took a year gap after high school. She became youth Ambassador for Australia, which was based in South Africa.

She went to a rural area of Africa where Malaria had outraged that place. 

She also got Malaria after visiting that area. She was hospitalized in South Africa, recovering from it. 

When she was recovering, she had a hallucination that she would become a professional actress. 

After returning to Australia, she said she would be a professional actress and win Academy Awards. 

Everyone was shocked and said that she was a fool to think of that. 

But she already had a vision that she would make that happen.

Rebel Opens Up About Her Weight Loss Journey

In an interview, Rebel shared that she was going to concentrate on her health in 2020 as she was turning 40, and her doctor had advised her to take care of her health as she was dealing with fertility complications. 

And the pandemic hit the world in 2020, and she was clear in her head as that year was going to be all about her health. 

She wanted to share her journey publicly, so she decided to share it on Instagram. 

She said that she had done successful work a year before, which was great for her career. 

But she did not get as much attention as she got after losing 80 pounds in 2020

She shared that she lost weight just because to be healthy. 

She did not care about the attention she would get after losing weight. 

Rebel Used To Work In Theatre Before Making Big In Hollywood

Rebel came to the US twelve years ago with a small suitcase. She used to work in theatre. 

She used to clean and make popcorn. 

She shared that she used to get in trouble as she watched all the American movies instead of working. 

After doing her first movie, she did not quit as she loved her job a lot. 

When people came out of the theatre watching her movie, they were shocked to see her working there. 

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