Who Is Sue Makkoo? Girlfriend Of Ariana DeBose

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Who Is Sue Makkoo? Girlfriend Of Ariana DeBose

Sue Makkoo is a costume designer by profession. 

She serves as a professor in the musical theatre department at Manhattan School of Music. 

She is also a poet, social media influencer and entrepreneur. 

She came into the limelight after becoming the girlfriend of Ariana DeBose, an actress, dancer and singer.

Sue Makkoo with her pet
Sue Makkoo with her pet Source: Instagram

Is Sue Dating Anyone?

Sue is in a relationship with Oscar winning actress Ariana Debose. Ariana came out as a queer in 2015.

They met each other in a theater while working. They fell for each other at first sight. 

Despite their age differences, they seem to have a strong bond. 

They are great partner for each other.

Sue Makkoo with her girlfriend, Ariana Debose
Sue Makkoo with her girlfriend, Ariana Debose  Source: Instagram

Past Relationship Of Ariana

Before dating Sue, Ariana was in a relationship with prop master Gill Johnson.

She met Jill when she was touring as a Broadway actress for Motown in 2013. They had a common friend. 

At first, they were just friends, but later, their friendship turned into love. 

They knew they had something special when they did not see each other for six months. 

They again met at the reunion, and from then, their love journey started. 

The two were very committed in their relationship, but it ended in 2020.


Sue is 51 years old. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall. She weighs around 70 kg.

Net Worth

Sue's net worth is estimated to be $5-6 million. 

He has managed to earn this fortune from her career as a costume director and interior designer. 

Sue Makkoo with her children
Sue Makkoo with her children Source: Instagram

Ariana Talked About Her Historic Nomination At The Oscars

Ariana became the first Afro-Latina and openly queer in history to be nominated for Academy Awards.

She said it meant special to her, and it was a huge moment for all the communities she represents. 

When the news of her nomination came in, she was on a walk with her high school best friend. 

They were on an East highway when her phone rang and her team facetimed her. 

She could not hear a thing as everyone was wailing. She thought something was positive. 

When she knew she stopped, she had a complete overwhelming sense of calm. She then freaked out.

Ariana Spilled Some Secret About The West Side Story Audition

When she auditioned for West Side, she has a breakdown. 

She was doing the role of a boy, and she was really on it and gave everything she could. 

She was on the floor crying and losing her mind by the end. When she looked up, there was Steven Spielberg.

He reached out to her. She felt like God was reaching out to Adam at that moment. 

He picked her up in his arms and said thank you to her. 

Later she realized he was crying with her, and when she looked around, the whole room was crying. 

That was one of the greatest moments she ever had as an actor. 

Dance gave free ice cream for life?

 Ariana DeBose gave an interview to James Corden’s late night show where she talked about her nomination to awards, dance and free ice-cream. The interviewer started the interview congratulating Ariana for her nomination. Ariana got nominated for the three awards including Golden Globe Awards and Critics choice award so it was a crazy years  for him. She got nominated for three awards because of her role play in movie West Side Story. She was on her flight when these nominations were made and was unknown about it. She was on the plane and as she was told to stay connected she was with her phone everything. She was getting calls from her producer but she couldn’t talk properly because the people of flight didn’t allow her. She got off the plane and that’s when she knew about her. As soon as her flight landed and she got the news, she was stopped by the Audra McDonalds. She was shocked and didn’t know what to talk. She just told her that she was happy to meet. The interviewer then started talking about the movie that he did with Ariana. They did movie The Prom and talked about the specials moments that they had. Ariana opened up about how dance competition made her get free ice-cream for life. She was 15 years old and she took part in dance contest. That competition was organized by “Cold Store Creamery” and for the winner they has free ice-cream for life. Ariana win the competition and got chance to win free ice cream for lie. She opened up that when she was struggling artist in New York she didn’t had much money with her and when she runs out of her breakfast, she goes to the store and enjoys free ice-cream for her breakfast. 

Interesting Facts About Sue

Sue has worked at Tony Award-winning theatre La Jollay for 11 years. 

Not only is she a costume designer, but she also specializes in interior designing. She is also into poetry

She gets inspiration for her poems from holidays and change of the season. 

She has a daughter named Adalyn Belle. She has a tattoo on her arm. She graduated from Arizona University.

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