Who Is Sue Meyer? Mother Of Eric Decker

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Sue Meyer is the mother of a former footballer who played in the National Football League for eight seasons Eric Decker.

She was married to Thomas Charles but later they got separated. However, they raised their kids together. 

She has an amiable relationship with her ex-husband. She also has a daughter named Sarah Decker who is also an athlete

She used to work as a sales manager.

Grandchildren of Sue Meyer.
Grandchildren of Sue Meyer. Source: Instagram

Is Eric Married?

Eric is happily married to Jesse James Decker. His wife is a well-known singer and songwriter

They were introduced to each other by their mutual friend in 2011 and they began dating from then. 

They got engaged in 2012 and tied the knot in 2013. The two are blessed with three kids. 

Eric Decker with his wife, Jesse James Decker.
Eric Decker with his wife, Jesse James Decker. Source: Instagram


Sue is in her mid-60s.

Net Worth

Her son Eric's net worth is estimated to be $20 million

Eric's Son Accidentally Posted His Picture When He Was Showering

Eric's four-year-old son took his selfie but the background of the photo became the talk of the town. 

Though his son took a cute selfie of himself he was unaware that his dad was showering in the background and it was captured in the photo. 

He innocently took the picture but it became a nightmare for his dad. The post was shared with his Instagram followers. 

Fortunately, Jesse's friend noticed that and texted her immediately about the mishap. 

Eric deleted that post and joked about it saying trying to change the code. 

Eric Made His Wife Blush On Camera

Eric and his wife attended an award show and that day was special as it was the day when the two got engaged seven years ago on the same award show. 

Jesse was giving an interview and suddenly Eric also joined her in that interview. Eric listed the things he loved about his wife. 

He said that she was beautiful, funny, energetic, and lively. He added she has great attributes and completes him. 

He said that she is a great wife and devoted mother. That word made his wife blush on camera. 

Eric Loves His Retirement

Eric announced his retirement from National Football League in 2018. Eric said that he was loving his retirement. 

He is a father to three kids and he always loved spending time with them. 

He said he enjoyed it a lot as he got to spend quality time with them and his wife. 

He said he wasn't able to do certain things as he was busy with his games. 

But after retirement, he got time to make lunches for his kids and drop them to school. 

He also said after being player for a quite a long time he enjoyed being a fan of football and watched many games. 

Was Eric Fired By New York Jets?

In 2017 New York Jets officially cut ties with Eric. They decided to go in a different direction and decided to release him. 

After that, he was very worried as he was unemployed. He was eagerly waiting to find his next home. At that time, his wife was very supportive. 

Though she loved being in New York she was willing to go with him anywhere he decides to take her. 

She said that she was going to stick with him no matter what. 

Eric said that at that low phase of his life, Jesse helped him to maintain his confidence level by himself. 

He wanted to go to teams where he had got chances to get back to playoffs. In the same year, he signed a one-year deal with Tennessee Titans.

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