Who Is Sunday Rose Kidman Urban? Daughter Of Keith Urban

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Who Is Sunday Rose Kidman Urban? Daughter Of Keith Urban

Sunday Rose Kidman Urban is a celebrity kid. She is the daughter of singer, musician and record producer Keith Urban. 

Her mother is Nicole Kidman, who is well known Hollywood actress. She has a sister named Faith Margarate Kidman Urban.

She has two adopted siblings, Isabella Jane Cruise and Connor Antony Cruise. Sunday is Nicole's first biological child.

Sunday Rose Kidman Urban with her parents and sister
Sunday Rose Kidman Urban with her parents and sister Source: Pinterest

Married Life Of Keith

Keith and Nicole exchanged their wedding vows in 2006 in Australia

They first met each other at the G'Day USA gala in 2005. It was love at first sight for them. 

But none of them approached each other for months. Sooner they started dating each other. 

After their marriage, they went through a rough path as Keith had to go to rehab to treat his addiction and spent three months at the facility. 

Despite these hurdles, they stayed strong, and their bond grew stronger. In 2008, they were blessed with a daughter. 

Now they are parents of two daughters. Nicole has two adopted children too. 

Keith is a family man is happily married to Nicole for more than 15 years.

Sunday Rose Kidman Urban's parents', Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman
Sunday Rose Kidman Urban's parents', Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman. Source: Instagram

Past Relationship Of Keith

Keith has dated a few women in the past. Keith dated Angie Marquis in the 1980s. 

It started as a childhood love as she fell for him when she saw him playing guitar for the first time. 

They were just ten years old when they first met. 

They used to sing together when they were just 13 or 14 years of age. 

Although their relationship did not last, they still remained a good friend of each other. 

He dated model Niki Taylor in 2002. They were together for two years. 

They put an end to their relationship as Keith was super busy, and she was also busy with her work, and due to that, they decided to split. 

After that, he found his lad love, Nicole.

Sunday Rose Kidman Urban's mother, Nicole Kidman
Sunday Rose Kidman Urban's mother, Nicole Kidman. Source: Instagram


Sunday was born on 7 July 2008, and her current age is 13 years old.

Net Worth

Her father Keith's net worth is estimated to be $75 million

He has managed to earn this massive net worth from his two-decade successful career as a singer and record producer.

Sunday's Appearance At Golden Globe Awards In 2021

Keith and his wife Nicole celebrated Golden Globes alongside their daughters, Sunday and Faith

Nicole was nominated for Golden Globe, and she celebrated her nomination at home with her family. 

Although she did not win the award, she and her family gladly applauded the winner who took the trophy home.

Keith Talked About His Childhood Experiences

Keith's parents were into music. His dad was a record producer. 

So he grew up listening to all the records playing in his house. The first concert he took was a The Johnny Cash Show

He was just five years old when he attended the concert. His parents took him to his concert. 

The concert was in Brisbane and was crowded. 

It was too much for a five-year kid to digest the whole thing as the crew was too intense and noisy. 

There were five thousand people at that concert. When the lights went out, the whole crowd roared even louder. 

He had never experienced that kind of stuff before. 

When the lights came on, the guy walked on a stage with a guitar, and he talked. 

And the whole crowd got quiet, and he was amazed by that incident.

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