Who Is Suri Cruise? Daughter Of Katie Holmes

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Who Is Suri Cruise? Daughter Of Katie Holmes

Suri Cruise is the daughter of American actress, producer and director Katie Holmes

Suri’s father name is Tom Cruise who is an actor and producer. She has two siblings named Conor Cruise and Isabella Cruise

She is 15 years old. She is an American citizen.

Suri Cruise's parents' Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
Suri Cruise's parents' Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes  Source: Pinkvilla

Married Life Of Katie

Katie is single as of today. 

But she has been married once in her life. She was married to Tom on 18 November 2006.

Before marriage, they already had a daughter together. 

They were together for almost five and a half years. After that, they got divorced. 

It was said that Katie was worried about her daughter Suri as Tom would involve her in Scientology

Past Relationships Of Katie

Katie’s first public relationship was with her co-star Joshua Jackson, her first love. 

After that, Katie started dating Chris Kelvin and got engaged to him. The engagement didn’t work, and their relationship broke off. 

After that, she dated and married actor, Tom

Katie thought as a parent, it would be good if she took care of their daughter by herself only, hence they divorced. 

After that, for six years, the actress was in a relationship with singer Jamir Fox

And for two years, she dated Emilio Vitolo Jr.

Suri Cruise's mother Katie Holmes
Suri Cruise's mother Katie Holmes Source: Instagram


Suri was born on 18 April 2006 and her current age is 15 years old.

Net Worth

The net worth of Katie is $25 Million. Her main source of income comes as being an actress, producer and director.

Suri Faced A Car Accident

Suri was with her mother, Katie in her luxurious car in 2012

Their car was hit by a dump truck at the car’s rare side. The car faced a lot of scratches and dents. 

Although the car had a lot of damage, Katie and Suri both were fine. 

No one was hurt in the scene. It was a minor accident, but as Katie involved in the accident, it became big. 

After the accident, the police arrived at the location. All the legal documents and actions were taken by the police.

Katie Was Embarrassed In The Gym

Katie faced a very embarrassing moment in the gym one time. She said that she was staying in the hotel at that time. 

She was working on the movie for which she was continuously working out. 

She hence woke up in the morning and thought of going for some workout. 

She was not out of sleep fully, so she wore her gym dress and went to the small gym of the hotel. 

She then ran on the treadmill. A guy then moved inside the gym to work out as well. 

Soon after that, Katie realized that her red underwear was stuck to her pants and it was on the ground as the treadmill moved it. 

The man was behind her, so she felt embarrassed. She then stretched her body as if she was about to do exercise and took the underwear and hide it in her shirt. 

She really felt embarrassed.

Katie’s Hand Was Cut

Katie’s pictures were on one of the newspaper in 2004.

There the newspaper wanted to adjust her with the articles, and that made them cut her one of the hand to manage the writing. 

It really looked disturbing, according to Katie and the host Conan O’Brien

Conan then said that he will talk to the newspaper authority and get it fixed as he had contacts with them. 

Katie also thanked him for his kindness.

Katie Likes To Be Creative

Katie revealed that she really likes to wear creative costumes at parties. 

She expressed that she was really creative when it came to things like that. 

Katie once dressed up as a one-night stand, according to her. She wore a table-like structure with a fabric top. 

In addition, she added up a picture of George Clooney and a magazine on the tabletop. 

She also kept a condom as it was the theme of nightstand. 

She later said that it was really difficult for her to carry the costume for a while at night, and she couldn’t even dance. 

She expressed that it was a problem for her, so she threw her costume afterward.

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