Who Is Susan Devlin? Wife Of Bruce Greenwood

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Who Is Susan Devlin? Wife Of Bruce Greenwood

Susan Devlin is the wife of actor and film producer Bruce Greenwood. She is a former model and actress.  

They got married in 1985. They first met on the set of The Love Boat. Their daughter's name is Breana Chloe Greenwood.

Susan Devlin with her husband, Bruce Greenwood.
Susan Devlin with her husband, Bruce Greenwood. Source" Pinterest

Bruce Is A Master At Renovating House

Bruce renovated his own house, and he has some renovation tips for his fans, too. 

He said that he tore down a wall because he thought there was another room on the other side of the room. 

When he bashed down the wall, there was brick, which became an architectural element of the house. 

He just did his living room and some other bits of his house. It took him ten days to renovate his home. 


Her husband, Bruce, is 67 years old

Net Worth

Her husband, Bruce's net worth is $5 million

Bruce Talked About Playing Doctor In The Resident

Bruce played the role of Randolph Bell, Chief of Surgery, in the medical drama TV series The Resident.

Bruce said that Dr. Bell was not a perfect surgeon. He was a mean doctor on the show. 

He said his character is not such a bad guy but was struggling to hide some stuff that was becoming weak. 

He said Dr. Bell was at that age when everything was falling apart, and he had difficulty accepting the facts. 

He said his role was gathering people who helped him to hide his frailty, and he did take credit for the work he did not do. 

He said Dr. Bell had some ego in his personality. 

He added the show was about the disconnect between medicine, money, care, and commerce. 

Bruce Talked About Social Media

Bruce said that social media has immensely affected his acting profession. 

He said if they do not have more followers on Twitter, then they are considered less desirable. 

He said he can’t keep up with the things happening in the world every day and is not active on social media platforms. 

He said people use self-promotion strategies, which have been best for them, but he does not like using them. 

Bruce Loves Playing Chess

Bruce shared that he does brain chessboards everywhere. He said Will Smith was the best opponent he ever faced. 

He shared he was playing an extra in a movie called Being Julia, and he played chess with a guy. 

They were shooting in Budapest, and there was a great big square crowded with people. 

He said everyone in Hungary plays chess, so he played chess with an old guy. 

He said the old man beat him twice, and people gathered there to see them play. 

He said the guy did not know how to speak English, and he walked through the crowd, went to the director, and said something to him. 

He returned, and they continued to play, and the old guy beat him several times. 

He left the game as he had work to do, and the next day, he asked the director what the old guy said to him yesterday, and the director told him he asked him if it was okay to beat him on chess many times. 

Bruce Loves Canadian Stories

Bruce is originally from Canada, and he loves shooting in Canada. He has worked on many Canadian films and talent. 

He said he loves being at home telling Canadian stories and trying to do more. 

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