Who Is Susan Fitzpatrick? Mother Of Matt Fitzpatrick

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Who Is Susan Fitzpatrick? Mother Of Matt Fitzpatrick

Susan Fitzpatrick is the mother of professional golfer Matt Fitzpatrick. Her husband is Russell Fitzpatrick, who is a bank manager by profession. 

She has two sons, Matt Fitzpatrick and Alex Fitzpatrick. Matt is the oldest one. Her younger son is also a golfer.

Family Of Susan Fitzpatrick
Family Of Susan Fitzpatrick Source: Instagram

Is Matt Married?

Matt is not married yet. But he is in a relationship with Lydia Cassada. They have been together for nine years.

His girlfriend is a communication expert and works as a senior manager in New York

They have been dating since 2013. They express their love for each other through their social media. 

They spend time with each other and go on vacation. Matt even took Cassada to his homeland. 

They have been spotted together in many tournaments. The couple is very happy in their relationship. 

Matt Fitzpatrick with his girlfriend Lydia Cassada
Matt Fitzpatrick with his girlfriend Lydia Cassada Source: Pinterest


Her son Matt is 27 years old. 

Net Worth

Her son's net worth is estimated at $5-10 million

He has managed to earn this massive net worth from his career as a professional golfer.

Susan Fitzpatrick's son Matt Fitzpatrick
Susan Fitzpatrick's son Matt Fitzpatrick Source: Instagram

Matt Is The Fourth Englishman To Win the Tournament 

Matt is the Us Open winner. He won his first major at US Open

In an interview, he said the feeling after being the major champion was way better than he had ever expected. 

He had dreamt of winning something big since he was little. 

Despite being his first major championship, he was not nervous but was calm at that moment. 

He revealed he was not looking forward to that bunker shot as he always struggled with that shot during his training and practices. 

He said that at that moment, he did not think about anything and just gave that shot, and the shot came out naturally and was the shot of his life. 

He said that he was thinking about winning during the tournament. 

Matt Opened Up About The Shot That Made Him The Champion

Matt won the US Amateur competition and the US Open at the same venue. It was history created on that day. 

After winning, he said that he felt incredible and millions of times better than ever. 

He was very happy that his parents were there to witness his victory. 

He said it was a very proud and happy moment to share with his family. He talked about his bunker shot. 

He said that he had been struggling with that shot for many years, and in that tournament, it was the best shot he had ever hit in his career despite the pressure and circumstances. 

To pull off the shot at that moment that made him champion was a big moment for him. 

She describes his bunker shot as the shot of his life. 

Matt Makes A Note Of Every Shot He Ever Played

Matt is a very studious golfer as he notes down every shot he ever played in his notebook. 

When asked about the reason behind it, he said that he does that to figure out where he can improve and to know his strengths and weakness. 

He said it had been a huge part of his success as it has helped him improve his techniques. 

He is all aware of where he needs to improve all the time. 

So it has been an efficient way to know his weakness rather than wasting his time thinking about what are his strengths and weakness. 

He added that he would continue to do that in the future, too, as it has helped him immensely.

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