Susan Forristal

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Susan Forristal

Susan Forristal is the ex-wife of Canadian-American television producer and screenwriter Lorne Michaels

Susan is an actress and model by profession. She is well known for her role in LA Story

She has no children with Lorne. She is an American citizen by her nationality. 

Susan ex-husband Lorne
Susan ex-husband Lorne  Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Lorne Michaels

Lorne has been married three times in his life. He was married to Rosie Shuster, whom he started dating in 1960

They married in 1971 after dating each other for 11 years. They ended their married life in 1980.

After that, he married Susan, a model. They married in the year 1981

Lorne and Susan stayed as husband and wife for 6 years, and after that, they divorced. 

The Current Relationship Status Of Lorne

Lorne is currently married to Alice Barry. Alice used to work as an assistant to Lorne before getting married to him. 

They happily tied the knot in 1991. They have three children, two sons and a daughter together. 

As of 2021, they have completed more than two decades of their married life.

About Lorne Michaels 

Lorne is a Canadian-American television producer and screenwriter born on November 17, 1944

His full name is Lorne David Lipowitz. He was born and raised by his parents with his siblings in Toronto

He is well known for being the creator of the famous show named Saturday Night Live  and it series. 

He is also the creator of many movies like Tommy Boy, Lassie and Superstar

Lorne came to the spotlight after he created SNL. He has been nominated 94 times in Primetime Emmy Awards because of his work.


Lorne is 77 years old. 

Net worth 

The net worth of Lorne is $500 Million. He earns as being a producer and screenwriter. 

The average income of a producer is $70,390 per year.

Susan Forristal's Ex-Husband Denied To Host The show

Susan's ex-husband Lorne is a funny guy and can entertain people all by himself. 

Everyone knows about his capability of entertaining people. In the 2000s, reality shows were on hype. 

People were too interested in watching the reality show, and anything was being hit. 

Michael was hosting a show as he was a great entertainer. The producer offered him a great deal.

But he didn't feel comfortable hosting as he would have been panned with many cameras. 

He said he would not be free to do anything. Hence he denied the proposal even if the project was a great deal.

Lily Tomlin Inspired Lorne

Lorne is now a successful man. He has a lot of fan following, and he is rich. 

He is now a confident person and also confident about his job. 

But it was not the same for him in the past. During his initial days, he lacked confidence in himself. 

He met Lily Tomlin in those days. They talked for straight 7 hours, and their work and thinking connected. 

She was such an inspiring lady. Her way of getting things right inspired Lorne

Moreover, Lily boosted his confidence by appreciating his every work. 

Lorne Said That Comedian Is Monkeys

Lorne had conversations with Marc Maron and Jerry Seinfeld

In those conversations, he said what he thinks about the comedian. He compared comedians with monkeys in the zoo. 

He said that people might be interested in seeing lions or other animals, but they enjoy seeing monkeys. 

In the same way, comedy might not be everyone's favorite thing. 

But when a comedian performs their content and jokes, everyone enjoys it and is attracted by it. 

He said that it is one of the fun factories of industry.

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