Who Is Susan Iger? Ex-Wife Of Bob Iger

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Who Is Susan Iger? Ex-Wife Of Bob Iger

Susan Iger is the ex-wife of the businessman, investor, and Chief Executive Officer at the Walt Disney Company, Bob Iger

She is a consulting producer at CUNY TV media production. Susan is also known by the name Kathleen Susan Iger. The two shares two kids together, Kate Iger and Amanda Iger. 

They got divorced in 1992, which was finalized in 1994. After separating from Bob, she is leading a single life. She is not married to anyone. 

 Susan Iger's ex-husband and their daughters.
Susan Iger's ex-husband and their daughters. Source: AnchorsWiki

Bob's Second Marriage

Bob got married a year later after his divorce from Susan was finalized. 

Bob has been married to Willow Bay since 1995. She is a journalist, author, and former model. They share two kids, Robert Max Iger, and William Iger

Bob Iger with his wife, Willow Bay.
Bob Iger with his wife, Willow Bay. Source: Pinterest

Bob Thinks That The Disney Theme Parks Were Priced Too High

Bob Chapek, the former CEO of Walt Disney, left the position, and Bob took over the office in November 2022

He acknowledged that it was relevant for the fans to be irritated by the unreasonably high price of the theme park tickets. 

He added that it was not the best way to manage the brand. 

He said he always believed that Disney should be accessible to the public. 

He added that their goal was to earn profit but admitted they might have been aggressive about the pricing.

Bob lowered some prices in January and added parks at Disneyland and Walt Disney World


Her ex-husband Bob is 72 years old. 

Net Worth

Her ex-husband Bob's net worth is estimated to be $350 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a businessman.

Bob Talked About Meeting Frank Sinatra

Bob started working as a studio supervisor for ABC in 1974

When he was a newbie working at ABC, he got to work with American singer Frank Sinatra

He said ABC was doing a live Frank Sinatra concert from Maddison Square Garden

He was asked to get Listerine for Frank Sinatra. So he said he ran from the Maddison garden, found one drug store, and bought a listerine for Frank.

He ran back from the store and knocked on his door, but he was interrupted by his bodyguard. 

His bodyguard questioned him about what he was doing, and he replied he had got listerine for Sinatra

Suddenly Frank came there and asked for his name and his hometown. He said he was from Brooklyn

Bob handed listerine to him, and Frank gave him a hundred-dollar bill

He said that at the end of the concert, the one who worked in that concert got a gold cigarette with Frank's name engraved in it. 

He spent that 100 dollars to buy that gold cigarette. He never used that cigarette and gave that to his dad, a big Sinatra fan. 

But he has been holding it ever since when his dad passed away. 

How Bob Managed To Get Spiderman Back?

First, Bob bought Marvel, Pixar, and Lucasfilm

But back in 2019, Spiderman was somehow taken over by Sony, but Bob managed to get it back after some months. 

Bob said that Tom was part of the conversation. 

He said there was a big event at Disney, and Tom Holland was also there as he was voicing for a new Pixar movie.

He said that even it was clear that the fans wanted to see Tom Holland as Spiderman on screen. 

After that event, Tom contacted his friends who worked for him and asked for his email or phone number. 

He allowed them to share his contact number with Tom

They spoke with each other and said he cared for Spiderman, felt for him, and was convinced he wanted Spiderman back. 

He called Sony afterward. 

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