Susan Nussbaum- Tragedy Of Mike Nussbaum Daughter

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Susan Nussbaum- Tragedy Of Mike Nussbaum Daughter

Susan Nussbaum is the late daughter of actor and director Mike Nussbaum

She was an author, actress, playwright, and disability rights activist. Her mother was Annette Brenner Nussbaum. She had two siblings, Jack and Karen.

She was born and brought up in Chicago. However, she has a daughter named Taina Rodriguez

Susan Passed Away At The Age Of 68                             

Susan passed away on April 28, 2022, at her home in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago

The reason behind her death was pneumonia

Susan was hit by a car when she was 24, and because of that, she had to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair. That was such a tragedy of her life.

That's why she became an advocate for disability rights in her plays. 


Susan was 68 years old at the time of her death.

Net Worth

Her net worth was not revealed. However, her father's net worth was $ 1 million.

Susan's Father, Mike, Died At The Age Of 99

Susan's father, Mike, took his last breath just days before he would have turned 100. 

Susan's sister Karen confirmed the news. The cause of the death was natural. 

His wife, Julie, and his family were around him during his last breath.

Susan Nussbaum's father, Mike Nussbaum.
Susan Nussbaum's father, Mike Nussbaum. Source: Facebook

Mike Talked About His New Play Smokefall At The Goodman

Mike did a play named Smokefall at the Goodman when he was 89 years old. Noah Heidel wrote the play. 

He said the play is about the pain that the family has been through for around 75 years

He said it was about love and sacrifice. He said the play was a mixture of fun and sadness. 

He played two characters utterly different from each other in that play. 

Initially, he played the role of Colonel, who was 77 and was fighting Alzheimer's.

In the final part of the show, she played the grandson of the colonel, who was 81 years old, and the surviving twin they met in the second act.

Mike Shared His Thoughts On Hitting 90 And Still Working

Mike was on the verge of hitting 90 when he was giving his interview to the Chicago Sun-Time in 2013

Mike said that he had never imagined that he would continue to work even at that age. 

He recalled that long ago, director and film producer Gregory Mosher told him that once an actor reaches 60, it becomes only about memorizing lines as most of them can’t do it like the younger ones. 

He said he also expected to have the same problem once he got old, but he never faced that problem, even at the age of 90.

Mike used to do complicated scenes and deliver long dialogues. 

When asked how he remained energetic at that age, he replied it was all genetic. 

He said he also works out. 

He revealed that being able to work with young people kept him young even though he was not physically and mentally not as strong as them.

Mike Talked About His Childhood

Mike was born in Brooklyn, but his family moved to Albany Park when he was an infant. 

Growing up, he never saw anti-Semitism as Jews majorly occupied the place where he lived. 

He shared he came from a lower middle-class family, but his father became prosperous during the Depression.

He added when Hitler began in Germany, all the Jews were afraid of the prospect of what it could do to them. 

He said he went to a boy camp at nine, changing his life forever. 

He said he was a happy kid in high school doing Romeo and Juliet play. 

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