Who Is Susan Phillippe? Mother Of Ryan Phillippe

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Who Is Susan Phillippe? Mother Of Ryan Phillippe

Susan Phillippe is a celebrity mother. She is mostly known because of her son Ryan Phillippe. 

Ryan is a famous American actor. Susan married her husband Richard Phillippe a long time ago. 

The partner shares four children, three daughters and one son. 

They are Kirsten Phillippe, Lindsay Phillippe, Katelyn Phillippe, and Ryan.

Susan used to run a kid's care home as her occupation.

Susan Phillipe's husband Richard Phillippe and son Ryan Phillippe.
Susan Phillipe's husband, Richard Phillippe and son Ryan Phillippe. Source: Instagram

Ryan's Love Life

Talking about how everything started, they first met at Reese's birthday party in 1997

In 1998 Ryan's ex-wife confronted Jane magazine that when she met Ryan, she told him that he was her birthday present, which later turned into reality. 

Reese said that she felt embraced when she remembered the conversation, but on the other side, Ryan felt the words were so flattering to him. 

The ex-couple fell in love and dated and got engaged for almost after a year. 

Reese got pregnant before marriage to Ryan's baby. 

After some months of their engagement, the ex-duo decided to get married in 1999

The wedding ceremony was conducted and celebrated in Charleston, South Carolina.

The ex-couple welcomed their first baby girl, Ava Elizabeth Phillippe, after three months of their marriage on  September 9, 1999, in the California, United States

When Ava was four years old, the ex-couple welcomed their second child, Deacon Reese, on October 23, 2003

After having two kids, one daughter and one son, the couple split up in 2007

According to both of them, they divorced because they started their relationship at a very young age.

They blamed age and said they were very young when they started everything and maybe because after several years, when there were adults enough, things changed more than before.

Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon celebrate their son Decon's graduation.
Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon celebrate their son Decon's graduation. Source: Instagram

Although the couples have their separate ways, they were seen together to celebrate their son Decon's 18 birthday.

Ryan had posted a picture where he is with his son and Reese and wrote a beautiful birthday message to him. 

Where Decon replied to him thank you and Reese commented with notes where she praised her boy. 

They also celebrated Decon's graduation ceremony at home as he was home-schooled.

After splitting up with Reese, Ryan dated 21 years of actress and model Alexis Knapp

They also welcomed Ryan's third and Alexis's first child, Kai Knapp, in 2011. she is ten years old now.

Susan Phillipe's son Ryan Phillippe.
Susan Phillipe's son Ryan Phillippe. Source: Instagram


Her son Ryan is 47 years old. He is five feet eight inches tall.

Net Worth

Her son Ryan's net worth is 30 million dollars.

Ryan's Daughter Got Embarrassed Because Of Him

In an interview with The Late Show with James Corden in 2016, when Ryan was asked how old his daughter is, he replied 17 years old.

When Corden praised him by saying how does he look so young and handsome after having a 17-year-old kid. 

He replied by smiling and saying it's biology.

After a moment, when Corden asks Rayn if he is an embarrassing dad, Ryan says his daughter gets embraced when he looks so young and gets mistaken by being her brother by some people. 

He also clarified that he is so after having a 17-year-old daughter because he welcomed her when he was very young. 

He says he has grown up around so many children as her mother, Susan, worked and had a daycare at a home where there were almost ten children. 

He also added that his surroundings made him ready to be a young father.

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