Who Is Susan Pickford? Mother Of Jordan Pickford

by Manisha Sun Jul 23 2023 Updated On Mon Mar 25 2024
Who Is Susan Pickford? Mother Of Jordan Pickford

Susan Pickford is the mother of football player Jordan Pickford, who currently plays for Premier League club Everton and the English national team. 

Her husband is Lee Pickford, who was a builder. Susan and Lee are parents to two children, Jordan and Richard Logan.

Both her sons are footballers. Richard plays in the Football League for Darlington in the position of a goalkeeper. 

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Susan Pickford with her husband Lee Pickford
Susan Pickford with her husband Lee Pickford. Source: Instagram

Susan's contribution to her son's successful football career

Susan has been supporting her son since he first showed an interest in football. She used to take him to every training and match. 

Even when her husband used to be working, she would arrive at his matches in a taxi. To ensure Jordan's health, Susan would cook him pre-match meals. 

Jordan said that he would eat his mother's made pasta and chicken in the back of the car as a pre-match meal, even though he was not sure if it was too professional. 

Jordan said that his parents made many sacrifices for him, and that is why he is rewarding them now by playing in front of big crowds and giving everything.

She even worked as a receptionist at Jordan's school. Not only his parents but his brother, Richard also played a vital role in Jordan's success. 

Richard would make his brother drive around on concrete when they were playing. 

Susan Pickford with her sons
Susan Pickford with her sons. Source: Instagram

Is Jordan Married?

Jordan is married to his longtime girlfriend, Megan Davison. They have been together since they were 14

They attended the same school. They tied the knot in 2020. They had a low-key wedding due to the COVID pandemic. 

But as soon as the pandemic lifted, on June 18, 2022, they had their second wedding in the Maldives

For their big day, they chose the beach as their venue and invited 13 guests. 

Megan posted their lavish wedding pictures on their social media and said it was worth the wait for the most magical day with my soulmate. 

Jordan proposed to Megan with a 500000 pounds engagement ring. Megan is a very supportive wife, as she is spotted in every match. 

She even traveled to Qatar for the World Cup to support her husband. They welcomed their firstborn in February 2019 and named him Arlo George

Recently, they welcomed their second child on September 23, 2023. 

Jordan took to Instagram to announce that they had welcomed a baby girl over the weekend and also shared that they have named the baby Ostara Haze Pickford.

Susan Pickford son Jordan Pickford with his wife and children
Susan Pickford son Jordan Pickford with his wife and children. Source: Instagram


Her son, Jordan, is years old. He is 6 feet 1 inch tall. He weighs around 77 kg.

Net worth

Her son, Jordan's net worth is estimated to be $36 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a professional footballer.

Jordan talked about his famous save against Colombia

In 2018, England played against Colombia, and Jordan was the goalkeeper of England's national team. 

He said it was one of the best nights for his team. In the penalty shootout, he shocked everyone with his skills. 

He said he had done research about a few players before the game. He saved a goal that led to the corner. 

He said it was a good save and one of his best works so far. He said the ball came from 35 yards, and he dived and pushed the ball. 

He said he was happy to show the work that he has learned over the years to people worldwide. 

Jordan talked about Everton closely avoiding relegation from the Premier League

Everton managed to remain in the Premier League after their victory against Bournemouth. There was the threat of his club going under relegation. 

Jordan said his team spirit has been strong. He said they are working as hard as they could on the pitch to get back to a good position.

He said they managed to gain three points against Wolves last week.

Jordan talked about leading the team

Jordan said that they had a lot to learn as a player from the previous season. 

He said that he has not been able to be an ideal leader as they ended up in the same position as they were before last season. 

However, he added that they should keep going and believe in themselves. He said there were a lot of positive and negative things going around. 

He said the club and the fans are massive, and they won't let them down. He said that even if they fall out, everyone is there for each other. 

Jordan shared why he is so calm while playing.

Jordan is always seen enjoying his game. There is no nervousness on his face while playing. 

When he was asked about how he managed to do that, he replied he has the quality of being calm and composed in such a situation. 

He said he doesn’t feel pressure and plays under pressure. He said he is there for his team and that sometimes he shouts and yells at his team to help them. 

When did Jordan know that he was meant to be a goalkeeper?

Jordan started playing football at an early age with his brother on the streets.

In an interview, he shared that when he was six years old, he decided that he was going to be a goalkeeper. 

He said when he turned eight, he started playing as a goalkeeper, and ever since, he has not stopped. 

Jordan remembered his first Everton appearance

Jordan signed a five-year contract with Everton in 2017. He remembers the day he played for the club for the first time. 

He said his teammate scored a goal the minute the game started. He said it was a great start to his career.

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