Who Is Susan Russell? Ex- Wife Of Michael McKean

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Who Is Susan Russell? Ex- Wife Of Michael McKean

Susan Russell is a ex-wife of Michael McKean. He is a multi-talented person. 

He is an American actor, comedian, screenwriter, composer, singer, and musician known for various roles in film and television. 

They have two children together.

Michael McKean
Michael McKean Source: Pinterest

Susan's Love Life

Susan was in love with her ex-husband Micheal many years ago. 

She dated him for some time and was in a committed relationship for a year. 

After a year, the ex-couple decided to get married on October 10, 1970

The couple shared 22 years of their married life together and decided to get divorce. They separated their ways in 1993.

Though they are no longer a couple, they have two children together. 

After six years of marriage, Susan was pregnant with her first child in 1976. They named her Colin Russel after her birth. 

The couple welcomed their second child Fletcher Russell in 1985 after, nine years of their first child.

Susan Russell With her ex-Husband Michael McKean.
Susan Russell With her ex-Husband Michael McKean. Source: Pinterest


Susan's ex-husband Michael is 74 years old. He was born October 17, 1947. He is six feet tall.

Net Worth

Susan's ex-partner Michael has a net worth of 12 million dollars

Being a multi-talented person, he earns money by being involved in acting, writing, directing, and producing.

Michael Knew What He Would Become

Like most children, Michael didn't know what he wanted to be but knew that no typical path was for him. 

He knew there was nothing like a doctor or an engineer. 

Michael claims he had no idea what to be during his high school. 

Though he was not sure what he wanted to be, he knew there was something for him inside the field of art. 

Michael always liked things to do in art. 

He once said he was learning to play guitar and thought he would be a songwriter. 

Most of the time said that he didn't want to do anything typical. 

As he grew up, he started tasting a bit of everything in his career. 

He made it by putting his hands into everything inside the entertainment field and today he has done it all. 

He is now known as an actor, comedian, screenwriter, composer, singer, and musician.

He Missed On Stage Performance Because He Was Hit By A Car

As we all know, hardworking and consistency are always the key to one's success.

It was the same in the case of Michael. He was hard working and harmonious in his work. 

Michael has worked hard in every entertainment field and tried his best in every sector like acting, songwriting and even directing.

Once McKean revealed how he is so punctual to his work in an interview with Esquire

He claimed how important stage shows are to him and that he never wants to miss one. 

He said that he has always been on his stage to perform except once on May 22, 2012, when he was hit by a car.

He continued by saying that it was the first time he had ever missed his show.

Michael Revealed That Bryan Convinced Him To Join Better Call Saul

Micheal revealed in an interview with Larry King that, in New York, when he was doing a play with Bryan Cranston

Bryan told him that he should play the brother role in Better Call Saul when they were going to make an entrance. 

Afterward, Bryan also said that Vince would come to him with that idea, and he should accept that.

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