Who Is Susan Torv? Mother Of Anna Torv

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Susan Torv is the mother of Australian actress Anna Torv. She was married to her ex-husband Hans Torv

She has two children, a daughter, Anna, and a son, Dylan Torv, with her ex-husband. She belongs to Scottish descent

She is an Australian citizen by her nationality. 

About Susan's Daughter Anna 

Anna is an actress well known for her appearance in the Fox science fiction series Fringe as Olivia Dunham

Recently, Anna starred in the HBO drama series The Last of Us as Tess. Her parents raised Anna in Melbourne, Australia.

She was born in 1979 and has her birthday on June 7

Susan Torv's daughter Anna Torv.
Susan Torv's daughter Anna Torv. Source: Instagram

Married life of Anna 

Anna is currently unmarried. As of 2023, she has kept her personal life away from the spotlight, so it's unknown if she is dating or single. 

She had been married once. Back in 2008, Anna married Mark Valley, an actor

Before getting married, the couple dated for a few months and worked together on the show Fringe

Their marriage only lasted for a year leading them to divorce in 2009. 

Age And Net Worth 

Her daughter Anna is 43 years old. She has a net worth of $6 Million

Leaving Beer For Santa

Anna gave an interview on Conan’s talk show about how she celebrated Christmas as Australian

Anna is Australian, so she said Australian has a weird way of celebrating Christmas than Americans

She opened up that on Christmas, she would leave beer for Santa and sometimes a carrot for a rain deer. 

Christmas falls in December, so in Australia, it’s hot during Christmas, so Australian people don’t hang socks near the firewood. 

Talking about Anna, she would hang a pillowcase near her bed so that Santa would come and leave her presents. 

Her mom used to make her do such things. 

But she finds it creepy thinking that Santa walked into her room while she was sleeping and left presents under her bed.

Anna On Dating Men 

Anna had been married once, but sadly, her marriage didn’t work, and after that, she remained single. 

She was giving an interview for a podcast. At that time, she was single, so the interviewer wanted to know how Canadian, American, and Australian men are different in terms of dating. 

She is an actress, so she has encountered these things, and started with Australian men

According to Anna, Australian men are very cliche and blunt. 

All she has to do is to meet them for a beer, and if she likes them, then she starts dating them. 

About American men, they call for dinner, and then they start dating. 

But Canadian men are timid, and Anna said that when she encountered Canadian men, she was the one to approach them at first, and she did it many times with Canadian guys.

Anna On Playing On Her Character 

Anna played the role of Tessa in her new series, The Last of Us

Her role-play in that series was short as she appeared in a few scenes and the character died. 

Although her character play was short, it was one of the essential characters, and Anna opened up about how she lived her character Tessa.

She said that she had to be accurate and do what it takes to fit in with Tessa.

She had to feel Joel’s pain when he lost Tessa and wanted to ensure Joel continued with Ellie

Before doing the scenes, Anna and her co-star Pedro who played Joel, talked to each other, and successfully managed to show that Joel and Tessa were friends, partners, and two people who loved each other, and no matter what happens, they will always have each other’s back.

Susan Is A Great Mom

Susan came to the spotlight because of her actress daughter Anna. Susan is the mother of children, a son Dylan and a daughter Anna.

When her daughter was only six years old, she got divorced from her husband, and because of that, she raised her children as a single mom. 

After her divorce, she never got married again, and she started her own small business and managed everything for her and her children. 

She is strong and independent, and lets her children do whatever they want. 

Susan gave her children, freedom but did not allow them to watch TV. 

Because of that, her children were more focused on outdoor games like surfing, camping, and riding horse, and they enjoyed it too. 

Despite being such a strong independent woman, she hated calling herself a feminist. She did everything to provide a good life for her children.

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