Who Is Susie Hariet ? Wife Of Dan Stevens

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Who Is Susie Hariet ? Wife Of Dan Stevens

Susie Hariet is the wife of English actor Dan Stevens. She has three children with Dan. 

She is an actress, singer and singing teacher by profession. She has her birthday on 22 December.

Susie is a South African citizen by her nationality. 

Susie Hariet's husband Dan Stevens
Susie Hariet's husband, Dan Stevens Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Dan is currently married to Susie. They met each other for the first time while performing a theatre show. 

After that, they started dating and dated each other for three years straight. 

Susie and her husband Dan married each other in 2009. 

The couple is the parents of three children, and their children's names are Willow Stevens, Aubrey Stevens, and Eden Stevens.

Susie Hariet with her husband Dan Stevens
Susie Hariet with her husband Dan Stevens Source: Pinterest


Susie was born on 22 December 1975, and her current age is 46 years old.

Net Worth

The net worth of Dan is $4 Million. His source of income is acting.

Dan Can Play Any Role 

In an interview, Dan opened up about him being capable of playing any role given to him. 

Dan is originally from Britain, and he said that he grew up watching American movies and is now getting a lot of opportunities to play in American movies. Hence, he said that he could do any role.

He said that he doesn't mean that he can play all of the roles properly, but he can play most of the roles, and he is confident about that. 

When he came to the US, he was not getting many roles, and he never thought of having this good acting career, but now he is getting a lot of roles, and he is sure that he can play any of the roles given to him. 

Eating Potatoes On Set 

Dan has shown his appearance in the famous movie named Beauty and Beast. 

In that movie, he was seen playing the character of Beast and opened up about how hard it was for him to get dressed in beast costumes and do a makeover as a beast. 

He opened up that he was carrying a lot of potatoes on the set, and was carrying many potatoes, which were heavy. 

He said that he never thought of playing such a role in his acting career as a child. 

It was very challenging for him to play the Beast character.

His Daughter Chose A Dress For A Movie

Dan played the role of Beast in the movie Beauty and the Beast, where Emma Watson was seen playing the character of Beauty, whose name was Bella

There was a scene between the Beast and Bella where Bella was seen wearing a beautiful gown in the movie. 

That yellow dress worn by Bella was the choice of Dan's daughter. 

Dan opened up that his daughter Willow was the one who helped design that dress. 

He opened up that Emma came to his home for dinner, and they were discussing Emma's character dress. 

His daughter was listening to their talks, and after some time, his daughter came to Emma and showed her five dress designs.

Dan's daughter Willow was only five years old, and Emma was very nice to her, and they both chose a dress for Bella

Dan's daughter designed the dress that Bella wore in the dancing scene. 

Dan Is An Adopted Child

Dan has earned a huge name in acting, and many people know him. 

His parents adopted Dan while he was a child. He was only seven days old when he got adopted. 

In one of the interviews, he opened up that he is very grateful to have been adopted as he now has awesome parents. 

He also revealed that he doesn't have any interest in finding his birth parents and has no curiosity to know who they are. 

He said that he has an amazing life with his adoptive parents, which is why he doesn't care about his birth parents. 

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