Who Is Suzanne Boisvert? Ex-Wife Of Martin Gore

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Who Is Suzanne Boisvert? Ex-Wife Of Martin Gore

Suzanne Boisvert is the ex-wife of Martin Gore, who is an English musician. Suzanne and Martin met in Paris in 1989. 

Marriage And Children

After meeting in Paris in 1989, Martin and Suzanne started dating.

Suzanne is a Lingerie designer and model

They got married in August 1994, and they have a son named Kalo, born on July 27, 2002, and two daughters Viva Lee Gore, born on June 6, 1991, and Ava Lee Gore, born on August 25, 1995

However, they divorced in 2006. Martin is a composer and singer born on July 23, 1961, in Dagenham, England

Later she remarried a man named Phil, and they have a son together. 

Suzanne Boisvert with her husband, Phil.
Suzanne Boisvert with her husband, Phil. Source: Youtube

About Her Ex-Husband

He grew up with his mother, Pamela, and stepfather, David, who worked at a car factory. 

Martin learned later in life that his biological father was a black man. 

He's a vital member of the electronic rock band Depeche Mode where he writes most of the songs, plays piano and guitar, and sometimes sings. 

He also has his albums and once teamed up with Vince Clarke from Depeche Mode to create music as VCMG.

Martin Lee Gore Embraces His Black Culture

Martin is a crucial member of Depeche Mode, a band known for electronic music. 

Some fans might not know that he is of black heritage. 

Martin discovered his black heritage as an adult finding out his biological father is African-American

In the 80s, he challenged masculinity norms with his unique style. 

His songwriting is about pain, love, and sensibility, made Depeche Mode legendary. 

Black musicians influence his singing style, and he is fantastic at capturing human emotions. 

His songs like "Somebody" and "Personal Jesus" resonate deeply. Fans love him for bringing happiness and sincerity. 

Martin's talent inspires many to convey vulnerability and strength, making Depeche Mode's songs memorable. 

He is the creative mind behind the band's well-known tunes. 

Age And Net worth

Suzanne was born on October 22, 1968, and her current age is 54.

As a musician, her ex-husband Martin's net worth is about $100 Million.

Children of Suzanne Boisvert.
Children of Suzanne Boisvert. Source: Pinterest

Martin's Dating History

Martin is currently married to Kerri Lee Kaski. He prefers keeping his personal life private. 

Martin Gore with his current wife.
Martin Gore with his current wife. Source: Pinterest

But his dating history were not hidden from the media. He has had several relationships but not all details are known. 

He has been married twice till now. His first wife is Suzanne Boisvert, and his second and current wife is Kerrilee Kaski

He was married to Suzanne from 1994 to 2006. They eventually separated. Their reason for separation is unknown. 

And he married his second wife, Kerrilee Kaski, in 2014. They have been together since then. 

His past relationships with Anne Seedwell lasted from 1979 to 1982. After that, Martin was seen with Cristina Friedrich

He was also rumored to be dating Adelle Linau (2006 - 2008). After that, he dated Castira Twigg (2008- 2009)

How Martin's Came With Album Title "Memento Mori".

Martin talked about how he came up with the album title Memento Mori

One of his friends introduced him to the term, and he thought it was a strong fit for the themes of his songs. 

The pandemic and passing of bandmate Andy Fletcher also influenced the album, giving the title and some lyrics a new meaning. 

Gore hesitated initially but decided the title reminded to value life and went ahead with it. 

They then discuss the first single, Ghosts, from the album which Martin co-wrote with Richard Butler from the Psychedelic Furs

They have known each other for a while, and during the pandemic, Butler suggested they write songs together. 

They wrote six songs that felt right for Depeche Mode's style.

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