Who Is Suzanne List? Mother Of Peyton List

by Manisha Sun Nov 26 2023 Updated On Sun Dec 03 2023
Who Is Suzanne List? Mother Of Peyton List

Suzanne List is the mother of actress Peyton List. She was born in 1961 in Florida

She is married to John Last, and they have been married for more than 27 years. They have three kids: Spencer, Phoenix, and Peyton.

Suzanne List's husband and their daughter.
Suzanne List's husband and their daughter. Source: Instagram

Is Peyton Married?

Peyton is not married and does not have a husband. She is not dating anyone at the moment. 

Suzanne List's daughter, Peyton List.
Suzanne List's daughter, Peyton List. Source: Instagram


Her daughter, Peyton, is 25 years old

Net Worth

Her daughter, Peyton, has an estimated net worth of $7 million

Suzanne List with her two children.
Suzanne List with her two children. Source: Instagram

Peyton Shared Her First Ever Acting Job

Peyton did a coat factory commercial when she was a kid. 

She said another kid on set dressed up as a bunny, but she got to be the average kid, and deep down, she wanted to be a bunny. 

Her first acting job was in a romantic comedy movie called 27 Dresses.

She played the younger version of Katherine Heigl in that movie. 

She said she was obsessed with Katherine at that time, and she attended the premiere and after-party. 

She said Katherine was very excellent to her. 

She said Katherine talked to her, and they had a fun conversation. She told her to sit on her lap, so she sat on her lap and hung out with her. 

She said she was so in love with Katherine that her movie Knocked Up was coming next year, and she requested her mom to take her to watch that movie even though she was a kid. 

She said the movie was inappropriate for her age, but she was so dedicated to seeing it that her mother took her to watch it. 

She said she was a bit scarred after she watched that movie.

Was Starstruck By Taylor Swift And Michelle Obama

List shared that she met Taylor as a kid and was starstruck when she first met her. 

She said she got a chance to go backstage on one of her tours, and the following year, she went to Taylor's show again. At that time, Taylor recognized her and told her she was a young actress. 

She said Taylor talked with her for a while and was very sweet. 

She recalled she was about to faint at that time because she was so sweet and kind to her. 

She met Taylor once again on the show Jessie

In one of the episodes of her show, they had Michelle Obama, and she did not know that she was coming as they blacked out her name in the script. 

When she was on set, no one told her that she was coming on set. 

When Michelle came, she thought that she was going to pass out. 

Peyton Shared Her First Crush

Peyton said she had her first crush when she was in first grade. 

She said she got a Valentine's gift from a secret admirer and had no idea who he was. 

She said she freaked out knowing that because she never thought anyone would like her. 

Later, she found out that a British boy named Joe had joined the school recently. 

She said he was adorable, and she also liked him. 

She said after she found out about him, she ran away and never spoke to him as she used to get scared when someone liked her. 

Peyton Did Not Know How To Drive A Car At the Beginning 

Peyton said that she wanted to do a show, and they had a requirement that one must have a driving license or know how to drive, so she just faked it.  

She would pull out of the house and back into the home.

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