Who Is Sven Christjar Skaiaa? Husband Of Rebecca Loos

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Who Is Sven Christjar Skaiaa? Husband Of Rebecca Loos

Sven Christjar Skaiaa is Rebecca Loos's husband, a Dutch former model and media personality. Sven is a Norwegian doctor

Rebecca has now changed her career as a certified yoga and meditation teacher. 

She opened a yoga studio but sold it in 2022 and continues working as an independent teacher. 

Sven Christjar with his wife, Rebecca Loos.
Sven Christjar with his wife, Rebecca Loos. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Sven got married to Rebecca after dating for several years. Before marriage, they welcomed their two children. 

His then-girlfriend, Rebecca, became pregnant in 2009 with her first child, Magnus, and moved to Norway to raise him with Sven

She had another child named Liam in 2012, and they married the same year. 

He now lives in Norway, and his wife frequently shares pictures of family on social media, enjoying nature and outdoor activities with their children. 

Sven Christjar Skaiaa's wife and their children.
Sven Christjar Skaiaa's wife and their children. Source: Instagram

Sven and Rebecca's Strong Relationship

Rebecca has moved on in her life after her controversial past. 

She is happily married to Sven Christjat

She met Sven while filming a reality show in 2001. Sven Christjar is a Norwegian

They got married in a small ceremony in 2012 and now live in a remote area in the Norwegian mountains where they enjoy a peaceful life with their family. 

Rebecca shared how her fame led her to meet her husband and have the life she enjoys now.  


Sven might be in his late 40s. His age is not public yet.

Net worth

Rebecca's net worth is about 3 million dollars as a former Dutch model and media personality.

Rebecca's Rumoured Affair With David Beckham

Rebecca gained popularity after being rumored to be have an affair with British soccer player David Beckham in 2004 while he was married to Victoria Beckham. David denied the affair. 

After that, Rebecca was on reality TV shows such as The Farm, Celebrity Love Island, and Power Lesbian UK

She regretted how she handled the situation and stated that she was reckless when she went public with the affair.

Recently, a documentary about David Beckham’s life and career premiered on Netflix, where he and Victoria discussed a difficult period in their marriage during his transfer to Real Madrid. Still, they did not directly mention Rebecca Loos

Some people on social media started mentioning her in the documentary context.

Rebecca Broke Her Silence After Being Accused Of Lying 

Rebecca was accused of lying about her affair with David Beckham in 2004

She received lots of negative comments and questions about her allegations after the release of a documentary about David

Rebecca responded with a prayer hands emoji to a comment that suggested if her claims were false, then David Beckham might have sued her for defamation. 

Despite the negative comments, others expressed support for Rebecca, complimenting her. 

Rebecca broke her silence by sharing a video of the snow and commenting on the arrival of winter. 

Rebecca's Parents And Career

Rebecca was born on June 19, 1977, in Madrid, Spain. She comes from a diverse background with a Dutch father and an English mother. 

She grew up in Norway and Spain so she can speak multiple languages. 

She started her career as a model and later got into the entertainment industry. She appeared on reality TV shows. 

She also tried her hand at a music career and released a single called Come Inside My World in 2004. 

After her controversy with David Beckham, she lost some fans. Rebecca Loos’ parents are Leonard Loos Bartholdi and Elizabeth Loos

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