Sybille Beckenbauer- Tragedy Of Franz Beckenbauer Ex-Wife

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Sybille Beckenbauer- Tragedy Of Franz Beckenbauer  Ex-Wife

Sybille Beckenbauer is the ex-wife of Franz Beckenbauer, a German football player and manager.

Ex-Husband Died At The Age Of 78

Franz was a famous figure in German soccer. He died at 78. His nickname was Der Kaiser, and he had a great career as a player, coach, and leader. 

Franz won many championships and won awards with Bayern Munich. 

He was successful both on and off the field, guiding West Germany to World Cup victories in 1974 as a player and 1990 as a coach. 

Despite facing personal challenges and controversies, he left a lasting impact on German soccer. 

People still recognize how much he did for German soccer and worldwide. 

He was also an essential part of hosting the 2006 World Cup. People remember him for his positive impact on the game, and he’s seen as an icon.

Sybille Beckenbauer with her ex-husband, Franz Beckenbauer.
Sybille Beckenbauer with her ex-husband, Franz Beckenbauer. Source: Pinterest


Sybille's ex-husband, Franz, was born on September 11, 1945. He died on January 7, 2024. He died at the age of 78.

Net Worth

As a German football player and manager, Sybille's ex-husband Franz's net worth is about $10 Million. 

Franz's Legendary Football Career

Franz has been interested in football since he was a kid. He got inspired by the 1954 World Cup final and joined SC Munich at 8

Despite a tough childhood after World War II, his talent stood out. At 13, he moved to Bayern Munich and found a father figure in coach Braunschweiger. 

Franz quickly climbed the ranks at 20, and he made his debut for West Germany.

He scored a fundamental goal in 1966, helping the team qualify for the World Cup

The team did well, and Franz's standout performance against Switzerland was memorable.   

In the 1966 World Cup, Franz led West Germany to the final against England at Wembley, the biggest match of his career.

Germany scored early, but England equalized. England took the lead in the second half, and Franz scored to level the game before the third goal. 

Despite England winning, Franz felt they deserved it and regretted the goal. 

After this, he got the nickname, Kaiser. The following year, he became captain, led West Germany to the Bundesliga title, and won the German Footballer of the Year award. 

In the 1970 World Cup, Franz helped Germany win their group matches but lost to England.

Germany faced Italy, but sadly, Franz got hurt and couldn’t play well. 

But Franz led West Germany to win the 1972 European Championships.

Because of his leadership, Bayern Munich achieved three Bundesliga titles, making history.  

In the 1974 World Cup, the West German team had some tough times. 

Political and money issues caused problems, and the payment crisis made half the players leave. 

That caused a massive issue for West Germany. Franz became the West German manager and won the 1990 World Cup, marking his legendary status in football history. 

Franz Married Three Times In His Life

Franz has been married three times in his life. His first wife was Brigitte Beckenbauer.

They got married in 1966. Unfortunately, they got divorced in 1990 after 24 years of marriage. 

They had three children named Stephan, Michael, and Thomas Beckbauer

Brigitte passed away on April 16, 2021. After separating from his first wife, Franz got married to Sybille Beckenbauer. 

She is his second wife. They got married in 1990 and got divorced in 2004.

They didn’t have any children. After Sybille, Franz married Heidi Beckenbauer

Franz Beckenbauer and his wife.
Franz Beckenbauer and his wife. Source: Instagram

She is his third and last wife. They got married in 2006 and have two children named Francesca and Joel Beckenbauer. 

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