Syd Charendoff- Tragedy Of Tara Strong Father

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Syd Charendoff- Tragedy Of Tara Strong Father

Syd Charendoff was the father of Tara Strong, a Canadian actress. 

He was married to Lucy Charendoff. He has two children, Tara and Marla. He was a businessman.

Syd Charendoff's wife and daughter.
Syd Charendoff's wife and daughter. Source: Twitter

About Daughter

Tara's parents are the late Syd and the late Lucy Charendoff. 

Tara has been married before. She married Craig Strong in 2000, but they got divorced in 2022.

They have two kids together: a son named Aden Strong and a daughter named Sammy Strong.

Before her marriage to Craig Strong, Tara was in a relationship with Willie Morris.

Syd Charendoff's daughter and grandchildren.
Syd Charendoff's daughter and grandchildren. Source: Pinterest


Syd was born on May 12, 1933, in Toronto. He died at the age of 84 on March 22, 2018.

Net Worth

Tara's net worth is about $12 Million.

Children of Syd Charendoff.
Children of Syd Charendoff. Source: Instagram

Tara As A Voice Actress 

Tara is best known as a voice actress with over 600 credits

She has voiced characters like Raven, Batgirl, and Harly Quinn in popular shows such as Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go, Rugrats, The Powerpuff Girls and My Little Pony

She is set to receive the Voice Arts Legacy Award for Art and Entertainment from the Society of Voice Arts & Sciences later.

Cree Summer presented the award to her at the Voiceover Career Expo in December. 

Tara feels honored and responsible for voicing characters, especially female superheroes, as they inspire young viewers.

She mentioned that many of these characters initially weren’t the main stars but became symbols of empowerment. 

Harley Quinn had a personal connection to Tara as she evolved from an abused sidekick to a powerful character who mirrored some of Tara’s experiences and growth.

Characters like Raven also hold a special place for her as they have positively impacted fans' lives. 

Tara recounts a touching moment at a convection when a severely autistic girl dressed as Raven starts speaking after hearing Tara’s voice. 

Regarding her voice care, Tara treats her voice like a muscle and takes good care of it. 

She follows a routine that includes staying hydrated, having singing lessons, warming up her voice, avoiding the strain of her voice, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

She didn’t initially realize that voice acting could be a career. She loved cartoons as a child and enjoyed performing in various ways, such as singing, dancing, and acting. 

It wasn’t until she landed roles like Batgirl, 101 Dalmatians, and The Powerpuff Girls that she recognized voice acting as a distinct career path.

Tara Talks About Her Experience Voicing Characters

Tara talks about her roles as Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Melody from The Little Mermaid II and Baby Dil from Rugrats

She feels comfortable voicing Batgirl since she grew up with the character. 

She praises Arleen Sorkin and Harley Quinn and shares her excitement and nervousness about taking the role. 

She said voicing Harley Quinn can be tough on her voice, but it was therapeutic for her and helped her release frustration.

Harley’s voice and personality can change in different stories. She also loved The Little Mermaid as a child and was thrilled to voice Ariel’s daughter Melody in the sequel. 

Meeting Jodu Benson, Ariel’s original voice character was emotional for her. 

Tara initially voiced Baby Dil in guide tracking and was lucky to keep the role. 

She wanted to do justice to the character and didn’t want to be replaced. 

She found inspiration for Dil’s voice from crying babies on planes. Her portrayal of Dil was well received, even causing a new mom in the studio to lactate from her cries. 

Tara also played Rocky and put her spin on the character while paying tribute to the original voice actress, June Foray.

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