Sylvester Apollo Bear

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Sylvester Apollo Bear is the son of a famous American model as well as actress Emily Ratajkowski

Sylvester's father’s name is Sebastian Bear-McClard, an actor and film producer. He is the first child of Emily and Sylvester, born on 8 March 2021

Why does Sylvester’s mom Emily get Negative Comments for sharing photos of her with Sylvester?

Sylvester is born to Emily and Sebastian in 2021. Sylvester's mom Emily shares several photos of him in her Instagram account, but his face is not shown.

She has uploaded photos with her son half-naked carrying him. Also, she shared a picture of them in the same twinning swimsuit. 

Because of that, she received many negative comments from her followers. She was criticized for being a mom.

She was judged for the way she carried the baby, Sylvester. But Emily responded in a generous way to all those bad comments.

Sylvester Apollo Bear with his mom
Sylvester Apollo Bear with his mom  Source: Instagram

Emily’s Nude Photos Leaked and Got Viral

Emily’s many naked images got viral on the internet as many stars, including her iCloud got hacked. 

She came up to the public and said that her photos were used in the album books without her knowledge. 

She also insisted that her naked photos that got leaked were for an art magazine. 

Jonathan Leder took the photos for showing it publically in the art gallery of New York

Emily claimed that after completion of the photoshoot she was also harassed sexually by the Leder as she assured that she had no knowledge about her photos being used in other magazines. 

She didn’t take any action in this as she didn’t want to give any public attention to Leder.

Emily Supports Women's Sexual Empowerment

Emily is one of the most popular female icons. Being a model, she had suffered several sexual harassment as being a female. 

Going through that phase of life, she tries to share her thought on women's empowerment on sexuality. 

Women get criticized for each and everything. 

She supported Kim Kardashian with her positive thoughts on Kim's debt. 

Most of the women in society are humiliated taken as a joke because of body. Kim posted a naked photo expressing that every female has to be confident about their body. 

Emily supported Kim fully as she also wanted to stop body shaming and women's sexuality controversies. 

That debt got many positive responses too. Emily became one of the most important parts of the Women's Sexual Empowerment Movement.

Mother of Sylvester Apollo Bear
Mother of Sylvester Apollo Bear   Source: Instagram 

Relationship Status of Emily Ratajkowski

The famous model Emily is married to Sebastian Bear-McClard, who is a film producer. 

Before that, she was in a relationship with Jeff Magid, a well-known musician. 

Hence they couldn’t work together with each other, so they broke up in 2018.

Emily and Sebastian were just friends for few years. After Emily broke up with Jeff, she started dating Sebastian

Emily said that his boyfriend proposed to her with a ring made with a paper clip as he didn’t have a ring at that time.

He proposed to her at Minetta Tavern. After dating each other for a couple of months, they married on 23 February 2018 in New York City Hall

Emily announced her marriage through Instagram. After three years of marriage, they gave birth to their first child on 8 March 2021

Sylvester Apollo Bear's parent's Emily and Sebastian
Sylvester Apollo Bear's parent's Emily and Sebastian   Source: Instagram

Emily Never Learned To Give Up

Emily Ratajkowski gave an interview to "Harper's Bazaar UK."

In the interview, she talked about her career and shared what she had learned. At the start of the interview, Emily introduced herself as a model, entrepreneur, and writer.

She opened up that modeling was her first job. She worked for Teen Magazine, and her first salary from there was $100

Emily also gave tips for teenage girls who are thinking of joining modeling. 

She told those girls to take care of themselves because the agencies which will assure them that they will take care and handle them will not do as they say. 

The agency only cares about its clients, so she wants everyone to know their boundaries and defend themselves in any situation.

She gave up on her modeling career at one point. She was confused about which career path to walk. 

While she was in college, she thought of being an artist, and later, she gave up on that too and again started doing modeling. 

She then started acting and constantly switched between them, but she never gave up the best thing about her. 

She is also a businesswoman, and she said that she loves working with women's groups. 

She revealed that doing business was her favorite job. She talked about the problems that she faced in her career. 

There was a time when she felt like she was a complete failure. She opened up that she gets really on herself.

Now she has successfully made her career by herself, and when she looks back to those times, she thinks that failure had helped her grow more, and now she has no regret about that. 

Besides being a model and entrepreneur, she is also a book writer, and she opened up that book writing has had a huge effect on her life. 

There are many things she told an interviewer. To know more, do check the link.

Pandemic experience of Emily

Emily Ratajkowski gave an interview on Seth Mayers's late-night show where she talked about the pandemic, motherhood, and her book. 

Emily started the interview by talking about the pandemic. She was pregnant when the pandemic happened. 

The last two years of the pandemic were hard for everyone. To be honest, she and her husband had time during the pandemic.

She started writing books on pandemics, and she enjoyed doing that. 

As Emily got pregnant during the pandemic and because of the lockdown, she didn’t have to meet people, which she feels great. 

She just spent her lockdown days writing the book and spending time with her husband. But after the baby was born, she had a hard time. 

She was in her postpartum phase and had to breastfeed her newborn every 2-3 hours, so she had to write a book and breastfeed the baby, which was exhausting. 

Emily wrote a book named “My Body,” where she mentions everything she has gone through in her life. 

She opened up that she didn’t want to talk about books at once because she had been talking about her book everywhere before it was even published. 

She felt that she should stop talking about it because people can’t even go and read it, but now it's been published, and she could freely talk about it.

Emily said that writing a book is a very lonely process, and she has a great time sharing her story through the book. 

She has lots of female friends and her friends motivate her a lot. 

She then talked about her dad. Emily said that she has the most incredible dad and her dad was also her painting teacher.

Her dad’s nickname is Radda. While giving this interview, Emily was the mother of an 8-month-old baby, and she opened up about how her tiny baby enjoyed Halloween

She dressed him as a bear and took him to the baby music classes. Her baby enjoyed seeing other children with different costumes.

Net Worth

He is still an infant, so his net worth is not available. 

His mother's Emily net worth is $8 Million. Her source of income is modeling and acting. 

Age, Height, and Weight

He hasn’t celebrated his first birthday yet. He is only four months now. His nationality is American.

About Emily Ratajkowski

Emily is an American model and actress born on 7 June 1991. She was the single child of her parents John David Ratajkowski and Kathleen Anne Balgley.

They moved to San Diego when Emily was five years old. She started her acting and modeling career at a very young.

She is well known for her role play in Gone Girl and Entourage. She had worked in many more films, and she has also been one of the top fashion models. 

She was married to Sebastian Bear McClard and had one child with him. 

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