Who Is Tabitha Grant? Daughter Of Hugh Grant

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Tabitha Grant is the eldest daughter of actor Hugh Grant. She was born in September 2011 in the United Kingdom

Her mother is Tinglang Hong, who is Chinese by ethnicity. She has one sibling and three half-siblings. 

Her parents were never married. They only dated each other.

Mom of Tabitha Grant.
Mom of Tabitha Grant. Source: Pinterest

Who Is Hugh's Wife?

Hugh is happily married to Anna Eberstein. They have been married since 2018. His wife is a Swedish producer

Their wedding was intimate as they tied the knot in the Chelsea Register Office in London. 

They have been dating each other for a very long time. 

They were linked in 2012 and welcomed their first baby in the same year. They share three kids altogether. 

Father of Tabitha Grant.
Father of Tabitha Grant. Source: Pinterest


Hugh is 63 years old. He is 5 feet 11 inches tall. He weighs around 75 kg.

Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be $150 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as an actor

Grant Worked Several Jobs Before Becoming An Actor

Grant used to write radio commercials. He worked as an advertising copywriter. In an interview, he shared that he sometimes cleaned the toilet. 

He said that he was very good at cleaning the toilet. He joked that he still loves doing it to the date. 

Hugh Tried His Luck On Politics

In 2019, Hugh got into politics

He didn’t want Boris Johnson to be the Prime Minister of England, so he went door to door and asked people not to vote for him. 

He said people were very nice when he visited their homes. He took all eight candidates with him and asked people to vote for his candidates. 

Nobody voted for his candidate, and it was a colossal failure.

Hugh Has A Troubled History With Hot Dogs

Hugh made his first guest appearance at Comin-Con in 2022

He said he was very nervous initially as he had never been there and thought no one would know him when he arrived on stage. 

To his surprise, they were very welcoming. He remembered one person in particular who was dressed as a hot dog. 

He said that that hot dog man was in love with him, and he stalked him throughout. 

He said it was very terrifying for him as he even thought that he would end up on his bed by his side. 

He also has another incident with hot dogs while shooting a movie in Coney Island, New York, with Sandra Bullock

During lunchtime, they said Hot Dog was the most popular hot dog in Coney Island, so he ate it at its. 

When he had the hot dog for the first time, he found it very delicious, so he ordered another one, and after having his second hot dog, he ordered a couple of more hotdogs. 

He ate four hot dogs altogether, and some ingredients in the hot dog affected his digestive system, and he was taken to his makeup room. 

He said that his lunch at Nathan hot dog didn’t go quite well, and suddenly, one Brooklyn makeup artist shouted that hot dogs blew his ass. 

Hugh Talks About Fatherhood

After being the father, Hugh said many things had changed his life. 

He said he has become a more pleasant person, which has also helped him to be a better actor, as he has experienced a lot of emotions that he was unaware of and can bring those emotions to his performances. 

He said he can now cry easily when the director asks him to deliver some emotional scenes. 

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