Who Is Tabitha Hodge Broderick ? Daughter Of Sarah Jessica Parker

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Who Is Tabitha Hodge Broderick ? Daughter Of Sarah Jessica Parker

Tabitha Hodge Broderick is the daughter of an American actress and television producer Sarah Jessica Parker. Her father's name is Matthew Broderick. She has two siblings, including one twin sister. 

 She is an American citizen

Tabitha Hodge Broderick with her parents and siblings
Tabitha Hodge Broderick with her parents and siblings Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Sarah 

Sarah is currently married to Matthew Broderick. They happily tied the knot in 1997.

They are parents of three children, James Wilkie Broderick, Tabitha and Marion Loretta Elwell Broderick, and among them, two of her daughters are twins.

They met each other through Sarah's brother. 

Tabitha Hodge Broderick's parents Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick
Tabitha Hodge Broderick's parents Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick Source: Instagram

Past Relationship Of Sarah 

Sarah was previously married to Robert Downey Jr. They met each other for the first time on the set of the movie Firstborn.

She tied the knot with Robert in 1984. They stayed as husband and wife for six years, and after that, they ended their marriage. 


Tabitha was born in 2009, and her birthday is on June 22.

Net Worth 

Her mother Sarah's net worth is $200 Million. She earns as being an actress and television producer.

Loves Smelling Shoes

Sarah recalled the memories of her past while she was giving an interview on Winfrey Show

She remembered and talked about her obsession with leather shoes. 

She said that when she was small, she was allowed to buy only two pairs of shoes once a year, and in the shoe shop, she went and picked up the leather shoes and smelled it. 

She said that she gets buzzed by the smell of fresh leather and tells her sister to smell that too so that she can make her buy leather shoes as she was allowed to buy only one. 

She has that obsession with leather shoes. 

She opened up that she discovered Manolo Blahnik when she was quite young, and in that interview, she said that she owns more than 100 pairs of Monolo Blahnik.

Sarah Bought Dress From Thrift Store

As an actress, Sarah has won millions of hearts but you might be unaware that she is a successful businesswoman too. 

In the interview with Steve Hargrave, Sarah talked about the new wine that she has launched. She has launched a new Australian flavored wine in Australia naming it Sevenly

The wine is made up of Australian grapes and it has a low percentage of alcohol. She named that alcohol after the Australian number one TV network. 

When Sarah was asked about the idea of doing her own wine business Sarah opened up that she has always wanted to be a learner and she knew that many people from many generations have been doing wine business so she also wished to do it. 

She told that the wine business is a serious business. The grapes used for making wines are picked but Sarah is not allowed to go and pick them herself. 

She has seen the winemaking process but they won’t let her touch it. Besides the wine business, Sarah has her own shoe range and perfume range. 

She always wanted to do things that will matter and because of that, she got hands-on with different businesses. 

When she was giving this interview she was wearing a dress and she opened up, she got that dress when she had her second daughter. 

She brought it from a thrift store and still using it. It has a big hole in it but she is still using it.

Mother Was Behind Sarah's Fragrance Creation

Sarah launched her fragrance, "Lovely," back in 2005 and selling worldwide. 

She opened up that the inspiration for launching the fragrance came from her mom. 

She said that her mom was a housewife and didn't go out much, but when she had to go out, she got ready and never missed the spray fragrance. 

By watching her mom do that, Sarah developed a kind of connection with fragrance. 

When she was developing her fragrance, she remembered her mother and remembered how her mother used to smell. 

Her fragrance is unique from others, and she says that her fragrance is different from others because she has created it to be in people's lives for a longer period of time. 

Grown-Up In Messed Up House

Sarah talked about her background from where she came. 

She said that her parents raised her with her seven siblings, and their family condition was not that great. 

She came from a family where they had limited things. She didn't have any hostess products and TV in her house. 

She said that her house was not that beautiful and completely messy. 

As she grew up in such a family, she developed the feeling that she should be successful so that she would never get worried about not having money, and she wanted to reach the point in life where she could tell people not to be worried about money. 

Sarah Helps The Assaulted Women

Sarah is well known for being part of Sex and The City

One of the co-stars named Chris Noth has been accused by two or three women saying that Chris harassed them. 

Sarah was heartbroken when she heard about the allegation of sexual assault against her friend Chris.

She showed her full support to the women who Chris had assaulted.

On the other hand, Chris has denied all the accusations, and Sarah is also feeling bad for Chris, but she says that she would support those women instead of Chris.

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