Who Is Tamara Hurwitz? Wife Of Bill Pullman

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Who Is Tamara Hurwitz? Wife Of Bill Pullman

Tamara Hurwitz is the wife of actor Bill Pullman. She is a professional dancer and has worked with numerous renowned institutions like Jose Dance Company, Pacific Dance Ensemble, etc. 

She tied the knot to Bill in 1987. They met at the University of Massachusetts

They played husband and wife for a play, and their love story began there. They dated for seven years and got married. 

They two have been married for more than 35 years now. They share three kids. 

Tamara Hurwitz with her husband, Bill Pullman.
Tamara Hurwitz with her husband, Bill Pullman. Source: Pinterest

What Happened When Bill Fall From 15 Feet High Stage?

Bill was in a theatre play when he was in college. He said that they were creating an ice church for one of the poetic dramas, and he was the character who had to climb toward the top of the ice tower. 

When climbing, smoothing moved and fell over him, and he fell off from 15 feet tall stage. 

He was in a coma for two and a half days. He said he lost his sense of smell from that incident. 

He said he tried all the treatments and remedies to regain his sense of smell, but none worked. 

He said he would love to regain his sense of smell and hoped his further treatments would work in his favor. 

He even shared an incident where he had to smell and taste wine for a movie. However, he said he faked it terribly, as he could not smell anything. 


Her husband, Bill, is 69 years old

Net Worth

Her husband, Bill, has a net worth of $20 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as an actor.

Tamara Hurwitz with her husband and children.
Tamara Hurwitz with her husband and children. Source: People

Bill Revealed The Scariest Co-Star He Has Ever Worked With

Bill shared that he had to work with some creatures in the movie Serpent and the rainbow.

Towards the movie's end, he said there were some crazy special effects where a monster came out of a pyramid skull, and he had to fight with the beast. 

Which Is Bill's Most Memorable TV Role?

Bill said that his first job was the most memorable one for him. After that, he appeared as a guest in Cagney and Lacey's TV show

He said it was a completely new experience for him as he was used to theatre plays, and suddenly he was on TV, and everything was different from what he imagined. 

He said he froze when he shot for the first time. However, his co-star was very supportive. 

She helped him to relax and asked him to go for it. After that, he came back and gave his shot. 

Bill Loves Theatre

Bill was 33 years old when he did his first movie. Before that, he was into theatre. Bill was in theatre since his college days. 

He said he was always interested in theatre and started building instruction programs and looking for many things. 

He was so fascinated by theatre that he got a degree in directing. However, he always considered theatre his career and kept doing what he loved. 

He also taught theatre at Montana State University. He added his theatre experience helped him to bag his first role in TV.

Bill Talked About Working With Carrie Coon

Bill and Carrie Coon play a significant character in the series The Sinner. He said he had never worked with her before that. However, he had seen his work on screen. 

He said she was very professional about her work. He appreciated her effort for immersing into her character with such depth. 

He said she adapted to all the things effortlessly. He shared they used to talk about their work and make decisions. 

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