Tamta Gigishvili – Meet Stunning Wife Of Guram Kashia

by sabina Thu Apr 11 2024 Updated On Thu Apr 11 2024
Tamta Gigishvili – Meet Stunning Wife Of Guram Kashia

Tamta Gigishvili is famous as a celebrity wife. 

She is the wife of Georgian-born professional footballer Guram Kashia, who plays centre-back for Nike Liga club Slovan Bratislava and captains the Georgian national team.

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Married since 2009

Tamta has been happily married to her husband, Guram, since 2009. In 2013, they welcomed their daughter Alessandra. 

While living in Holland, Alessandra went to International school so she picked up the English language soon. 

Guram said his daughter speaks English very well, as well as she is fluent in Georgian, too, and that he is proud that she already speaks two languages.

Tamta Gigishvili with her husband Guram Kashia
Tamta Gigishvili with her husband Guram Kashia. Source: YouTube 
Tamta Gigishvili beautiful daughter Alessandra was born in 2013
Tamta Gigishvili beautiful daughter Alessandra was born in 2013. Source: YouTube 

Guram also said that unlike most players who complain being a soccer player is tough, he and his wife find it as an opportunity to go around and see the world. 

They both love to travel and experience different cultures. 

"We are growing in these circumstances. We never complain, although it is sometimes annoying that you are not at home. You are away", he added.


Her husband is 36 years old.

Net Worth 

Her husband’s net worth is estimated to be around €10 million.

Her husband wants to have three children in the future

Her husband, during a podcast, said that he wants to have three children in the future. 

He said he always wanted a girl so he was over the moon when he had Alessandra

According to him, his father always wanted to have a girl but had him and his brother. 

Guram has a tattoo of his late father on his arm because he was a big fan of his father. He inked his tattoo as a reminder that he is always with him.

Tamta Gigishvili husband Guram Kashia and daughter Alessandra
Tamta Gigishvili husband Guram Kashia and daughter Alessandra. Source: YouTube

His elder brother was also a football player and played for the Georgian League, but his career came to an end after several surgeries. 

He said his brother was the reason he began playing football, and as a child, he couldn't accept that his brother was a better player than him, and it worked as a motivation for him. 

He always pushed himself to be better than his brother.

The reason her husband inked the number 37 in his arm

Her husband is a big fan of tattoos. He has tattooed almost every part of his body, and every tattoo has its meaning. 

Among his tattoos, 37 is one of them. According to him, 37 is his number. Three is Tamta's favorite number, and seven is his. 

His favorite number was always seven because of David Beckham. 

Her husband is the UEFA's first-ever equal game award winner

Her husband received UEFA’s first-ever equal game award after he showed gay support by wearing a rainbow armband while playing for Vitesse in November 2017 as part of the Dutch initiative Coming Out Day

However, his support was protested by conservative Georgians. 

In UEFA’s documentary, Guram expressed how he endured tough times followed by hate comments and backlashes. 

He said he got a lot of hate comments. It was a tough time for him as he had not expected so much hatred. 

He also expressed how such things impact a person, and it is hurtful to be in that position sometimes. 

And because he too has experienced it, he can only imagine how tough it is when bullied like that, he added. 

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